(CBS) — After a frightening and head-scratching incident Sunday night, a puppy is back home with her Round Lake Park family.

Round Lake Park Police Chief George Filenko said it all started when a woman walking to work on Washington Street saw something unusual.

“She sees a white SUV drive by and throw some kind of a bag out the window,” he tells WBBM’s Andy Dahn.

Even more unusual? Something inside the bag was moving. It was a puggle.

Miraculously, one-year-old Misty was not injured. Officers recovered the dog and brought her back to the station. Filenko, a dog lover and proud owner of his own Puggle, learned of the incident and asked officers for a picture.

“I thought back to a few months ago when we were at a service call at a residence in town,” chief says.

puggle1 Cops Seek Motorist Who Tossed Dog From Moving Vehicle

Misty the Puggle is going to be okay, after being tossed out of a vehicle. (courtesy: Round Lake Park Police)

Filenko was greeted by a Puggle. He snapped a picture of the animal. When he compared the picture he took previously to the one his office sent him, it was a match.

Officers were then able to reunite Misty with her family, who said the Puggle had gotten loose earlier in the evening. The search now continues for the white SUV.

“The family is very interested in finding out why this occurred,” Filenko says.

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