CHICAGO (CBS) — Actor Jim O’Heir is best known as a television comedic actor and it’s only appropriate the Chicago native got his start right here at Second City.

“The first day I’m in class I get on that stage, I remember getting that first laugh and I remember thinking. ‘Oh yeah, this is what I need to do.’” O’Heir tells CBS Chicago.

However, his latest project is no laughing matter.  In Middle Man, written by Ned Crowley, O’Heir plays Lenny Freeman a straight-laced accountant with the dream of becoming a famous stand-up comedian.

Unfortunately, pursuing his goals turns deadly.

So, why would a good-natured funny-man like O’Heir take on such a gloomy role? 

Well, perhaps, to send Tinsletown a message: “Hey Hollywood, I’m also an actor.  I can do dark, and dirty and bloody and crazy. I’m an actor. Ultimately, I’m an actor.”

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