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When you think about apps that could make your company more effective, a number of obvious topics spring readily to mind. Most of these would likely fall under the heading of finance or management. You consider streamlining billing and inventory tracking systems, you search for ever more effortless programs to handle scheduling and payroll, and you crave automation. In doing this, you are placing the focus on the machine, not what runs the machine.

To optimize your business, you need to think about that human element — it’s the driver who wins the race, not the vehicle. Yes, you must have a precision crafted car, but that piece of equipment can only perform to the limits of its operator. The following apps will help you inspire, train and communicate with your staff so they can pilot your company with optimal efficiency.



In order to optimize your operations, you first have to streamline the creation of your training content. There is no better way to make an impact on your staff (or your customers) than with a potent merging of images and text. In today’s fast-paced world, infographics have become an essential form of imparting an abundance of information that is often sprinkled with a dash of humor. Using an online app like Canva, you can quickly create anything and everything from an in depth, step-by-step guide for office procedures to an impactful meme that illustrates a workplace truism.



In order to communicate with maximum effectiveness, your grammar has to be spot on. Sloppy writing can lead to a misinterpretation of policies that could derail the streamline express that is your company. Grammarly is a tool you can use to help ensure that you are actually communicating what you mean. You will never be able to optimize your workflow if your wording is ambiguous.



Slack is live and immediate. Intraoffice or interoffice, Slack allows you to instantly disperse a workplace bulletin and get in touch with employees. All your employees have to do is remain logged in and they will be instantly notified of any and all pertinent office-related info.



Running a business that is always on the go requires a special set of tools. Having an app like Canon PRINT for Android and iPhone is essential for making your workflow optimal because you can scan, edit and print from any device no matter where you are. Imagine making final tweaks to that document while you are en route and sending it to your client so the updated contracts are printed, and ready to be signed before you even enter the meeting.


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