CHICAGO (CBS) — A week after a fire killed 18 horses at a Plainfield stable, there’s a fundraising drive Wednesday to help buy grain for the 12 surviving horses.

The director of the Plainfield South High School Band is leading the effort.

“I don’t actually consider it a fundraiser as much as I would a food drive for the horses,” Band Director Jerrod Cook says.

Nearly 20 horses died early July 5 in the fire at Del Real Stables, where several owners boarded animals.

One of the children of the family who owns the stable that burned is in the school band, Cook explains.

“And when I spoke with them, it was on Friday of last week — a couple of days after the fire — and they were in shock, really. Devastated by the loss,” Cook says.

Anyone who wants to help the band buy grain for the 12 still-recovering horses may bring money or a gift card to the Plainfield South High School band room, Door Q, between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. Wednesday, July 12.

They are looking for gift cards from Farm and Fleet, Brothers in Oswego, and Rural King in Plano.

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