By Dan Bernstein

By Dan Bernstein– senior columnist

(CBS) There are no sports at the moment, only a yawning vacuum into which we stare in a vain attempt to find topics for discussion. Baseball is off, and so is everything else. That Lonzo Ball’s choice of shoes is a lead story tells you all you need to know about this time of year.

So now into the void comes an unfortunate screenshot of Sammy Sosa, grabbed from a brief appearance during the Home Run Derby telecast.

Sosa has become pink now, apparently, in his latest chromatic metamorphosis from what he was to whatever he’s trying to be. His new look included a pink hat at shirt as well, and the online world has responded as one would expect, comparing him to the Pink Panther, calamine lotion, an eraser, Snagglepuss, raw chicken, bubble gum and even all three flavors of Neapolitan ice cream.

Whatever his obvious issues may be, he has the bad luck of appearing in this way at the exact time that so many people paid to find topics to talk about are having a difficult time doing so.

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