CHICAGO (CBS) — Lincoln Park Zoo sadly reported Tuesday the death of Sabrena, a geriatric female giraffe.

The zoo’s animal care staff made the “difficult, but humane” decision to euthanize Sabrena. The giraffe’s health was deteriorating dramatically due to advanced age and unresponsiveness to medication. Sabrena also showed evidence of colic, a severe, often fluctuating pain in the abdomen caused by intestinal gas or obstruction in the intestines. Veterinarians monitored her pain frequently and provided “the best possible care,” a zoo release read.

sabrena giraffe 28 Year Old Giraffe Dies At Lincoln Park Zoo

Sabrena, female giraffe (Credit: Lincoln Park Zoo)

Sabrena was born at Oklahoma City Zoo. She was 28-years-old and spent all but four years of her life at Lincoln Park Zoo. The median life expectancy for giraffes is 19.5 years.

“Sabrena would frequently be seen in the exhibit space mouthing at puzzle feeders, interacting with keepers or stretching her long legs outside,” said General Curator Dave Bernier, in the release. “Over the years, Sabrena developed very strong, trusting bonds with keepers and enjoyed training sessions where she would receive some of her favorite food items, including kale and fresh browse such as mulberry, honey locust and willow.”

Sabrena was one of many geriatric animals living at Lincoln Park Zoo.

The zoo said with advances in zoo medicine, animals are living longer in zoos and aquariums around the nation.

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