CHICAGO (CBS) — R&B superstar R. Kelly has lured at least a half-dozen young women into an abusive, “cult-like” existence, according to a disturbing account on Buzz Feed.

Reporter and music critic Jim DeRogatis interviewed family members of the women and former associates of Kelly who described the singer controlling every aspect of the women’s lives.

According to the former members of Kelly’s inner circle, the women are told what to eat, how to dress and when to sleep and bathe. Kelly also records his sexual encounters with the women.

In one case, parents of a 19-year-old singer say they haven’t been in regular contact with their daughter for two years after she met Kelly at a concert in hopes of accelerating her music career.

The women live in Kelly’s rented properties in Chicago and Atlanta, Buzz Feed reported.

It was DeRogatis, then a music critic at the Chicago Sun-Times, who first reported on a tape that allegedly showed Kelly engaging in sex acts with a minor more than 15 years ago.

The singer was charged with child pornography in 2008 and acquitted after a sensational trial in Cook County.

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