CHICAGO (CBS) — With an assist from Congressman Luis Gutierrez, Democratic candidate for Governor J.B. Pritzker is trying to establish himself as the hopeful who stands strongest against Republican President Donald Trump.

Standing across the river from Chicago’s Trump Tower, Congressman Luis Gutierrez was blunt. He believes President Trump should be impeached, eventually. WBBM’s Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports.

“You do need a certain tipping point before it occurs. But I will tell you something. I think it is coming very, very soon,” Gutierrez said.

Perhaps, he said, if the President fires Special Counsel Robert Mueller, investigating ties to Russia. He praised J.B. Pritzker as someone who would stand against Trump.

pritzker guitz 2 J.B. Pritzker Outlines Plan To Stand Strong Against The President, If Elected Governor

JB Pritzker and Cong. Luis Gutierrez speak and greet supporters across from Trump Tower. (WBBM/Craig Dellimore)

Gubernatorial candidate J.B. Pritzker outlined a multi-point plan to resist President Donald Trump with state actions; and he accuses Governor Bruce Rauner of being silent about the President’s policies.

“Where is our Governor? Rauner stands silent as Trump assaults our basic rights,” Pritzker said.

Pritzker said Governor Rauner is silent in the face of President Trump’s policies on healthcare, education, the environment, immigration reform and more. And he said he would resist those policies if he’s elected. But reporters asked how that distinguishes him from the other Democratic hopefuls, who also oppose the President.

“We have put out a real plan, you have it in your hand, of policies that we will put in place that will stand up to Donald Trump. It’s not just about rhetoric. It’s about fact,” Pritzker said. “I also have the longest, strongest history of getting things done for the people of Illinois.”

Governor Rauner did criticize the Republican healthcare plan more than once, but Pritzker said he recently did so only after the plan was defeated.

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