CHICAGO (CBS) — Chicago Police Supt. Eddie Johnson said his officers are not going to be distracted or swayed by President Donald Trump encouraging police officers to be tough with suspects.

At a gathering of police officers in New York last week, President Trump suggested they don’t have to be too nice when throwing someone in the back of a patrol car. Furthermore, he also insinuated that Chicago needs to get tough with violent criminals.

To that, Johnson says officers in Chicago don’t need to use excessive force.

“The issue is not getting tough, it’s holding people accountable – that’s what the issue is,” he said. “As far as getting tough, we have procedures in place and a use of force policy, so we treat everybody accordingly.”

Johnson spoke at an event promoting organ donations; he is expected to receive a kidney from his 25-year-old son Daniel this fall. Both are preparing for the operation.

The city’s top cop revealed he suffers from a rare kidney disease earlier this year, after falling ill at a press conference in January.

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