(CBS) – It was a challenge on Michigan Avenue this afternoon: A group of young people trying to get the attention of busy passersby, to engage the entire community in the fight against violence.

CBS 2’s Jim Williams reports.

Noon on the Mag Mile. As workers scurry for lunch and tourists take a leisurely stroll, a few dozen young people try to make their voices heard above the hustle-bustle.

“Keep the peace, save our streets,” they chant.

They’re from the St. Sabina Parish in Auburn-Gresham. Michigan Avenue regulars and tourists don’t usually visit South Side communities plagued with violence.

So, today the young people are here.

“I want them to hear our story. I want them to know violence needs to stop,” says Quantis Massey, 15.

Pam Bosley, a violence prevention manager at St Sabina, lost her son to gunfire.

“Terrill Bosley was shot and killed on the grounds of a church at the age of 18, so we’ve got to make this stop,” she says.

They set up bloodied dummies and passed out cards to passersby. Some were more receptive than others.

“I think it’s enlightening. I think there should be more of it,” one man says.

Yet another demonstration in Chicago. But these young don’t believe it’s an exercise in futility.

One observer wondered whether it would have better if the young people had brought their demonstration to City Hall, so that the politicians could hear their calls.

The group from St. Sabina did go there, too.

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