CHICAGO (CBS) — Joey’s no fugitive, but it did take sheriff’s deputies to bring him back after the 5-year-old kangaroo escaped from a petting zoo at a Wisconsin pumpkin patch on Thursday.

The Kenosha County Sheriff’s office said the kangaroo was spotted in a yard in Somers around 7:15 a.m., and deputies were dispatched on a “loose animal call.”

“Deputies responded, probably as you can imagine thinking, ‘Well, it’s more than likely a dog.’ Anyway, they get there, and sure enough it is a kangaroo,” he said.

kangaroo1 Kangaroo Escapes Wisconsin Petting Zoo

A 5-year-old kangaroo named Joey escaped from Jerry Smith Pumpkin Farm in Kenosha, Wisconsin, on Sept. 14, 2017, and was safely returned after sheriff’s deputies caught up with him down the road. (Credit: Rachel Smith)

Deputies believed the kangaroo might have come from Jerry Smith Pumpkin Farm, which features a petting zoo, and is located about four blocks away in Kenosha.

Workers there confirmed 5-year-old Joey had apparently kicked open the gate to his enclosure and hopped away.

Staff from the farm came out and safely retrieved Joey by picking him up by his tail.

Malecki admitted it was one of the strangest cases he’s ever heard of during his time on the force.

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