When a person is injured and considering hiring an injury attorney, they often question whether they can afford legal representation and ask, “Do I need to pay an attorney up front?”

In cases of personal injury, most experienced and reputable firms offer what’s called a contingency fee contract to eliminate any financial concerns about attorney fees and other costs up front.

How Does A Contingency Fee Work?

Often described as “No win, no fee” contract, a contingency fee agreement between an attorney or law firm and a client means there are no upfront fees (often called a “retainer fee”) required by the client or other ongoing expenses necessary to prosecute (or settle) the case.

The law firm agrees to accept full financial responsibility for all charges associated with the case, including but not limited to court costs, investigators, discovery documentation and hiring of expert witnesses necessary to prosecute the case.

The law firm is only entitled to receive attorney fees and costs associated with litigation of the case if they’re successful and win a monetary award for the client.

More simply, this means that a personal injury client pays nothing up front and only pays attorney fees and other costs if the attorney wins the case.

The attorney/law firm covers all costs associated with the case and if they lose the case, the client pays nothing …zero …nada.

An initial consultation with an attorney, which is also free at Horwitz Horwitz & Associates, offers the potential client an opportunity to assess the firm’s experience and his/her comfort level with the lawyer who would be managing their case. It also provides the attorney an opportunity to gather initial facts surrounding the case so that they can determine if the case is worthy of taking on its merits or to decline it.

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