JOLIET, IL ( – It’s been five weeks since a man armed with a gun entered Izzy’s Bar on Theodore Street around 1:15 a.m. March 9. Bartender Danny Rios, 52, fell to the ground. He was fatally shot. The bar owner’s son, Alfonso “Izzy” Izquierdo, was shot in the abdomen. More bullets were fired at another patron, but those shots missed. Minutes later, several Joliet Police cars rolled up to the parking lot where they found that the Izzy’s customers had taken down the apparent gunman, Patrick K. Gleason. Gleason lived about a half-block away from Izzy’s, over on Dearborn Street in Crest Hill.

Gleason, 55, was apparently booted out of Izzy’s and not welcome there anymore. After spending a couple of days recovering from his injuries at the hospital, Gleason has remained in the Will County Jail ever since. He faces 10 felonies including multiple counts of premeditated murder. His bail is $10 million. Gleason has retained the services of Chuck Bretz & Associates to put on his defense. In recent weeks, Bretz has expressed doubt in his client’s mental fitness. Bretz and his investigator, Edward Michael Simon, have made multiple visits to the Will County Jail to speak with their client, court documents show.

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Patrick Gleason is charged with murder in connection with a shooting at Izzy's Bar in Joliet.

Patrick Gleason is charged with murder in connection with a shooting at Izzy’s Bar in Joliet. (Credit: Will County Sheriff)

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