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  • You just need to get through one more day and the Blackhawks Red Wings series will begin. You can practice today by saying a co-worker sucks.
  • Listen to The Score live right here 24/7. Tune into the show M-F 1-6. Join the conversation 312-644-6767.
  • After blowing out the Rockies and being blown out by the Twins the Cubs now have a better winning percentage than the White Sox. Discuss.
  • Rip Hamilton and a guy named Malcolm Thomas played for the Bulls last night. The Bulls set some records for futility in the Game 4 loss.

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  • Off-Air
    Zach Zaidman
    Zach Zaidman Bears Reporter 0 0
  • Off-Air
    Frank Thomas Press Conference
    Frank Thomas Press Conference 0 0