boers boers


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  1. sidewaze says:

    Just so you know, I voted for you as Chicago’s best sports yak in Trib today. (10/14) I think it’s demographic thing. I’m almost 60 and you look like you’ve already been there (is that picture from the post office?). Every day you’re the choke chain on Bernstein’s neck. Only the lawyers could figure how many libel suits you’ve helped deflect. How much coffee does Bernstein drink??!! Intravenous intake?

  2. Paul Dunn says:

    Dear Mr. Horse,

    I used to listen to you guys about 5 years ago when I drove truck in Chicago.

    That was back in the days of Larry Horse and Rusty from Stickney down at “Dumbo’s”.

    I tuned in recently and you guys are still on the air and as good as ever.

    You’re Great!

    Keep up the great work.

    Big Fan,

    Paul from Northlake

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