7 Foods And Places To Try This Weekend

In no particular order, here are some of my favorite foods around town. Try one or all 7 of these — you won’t be disappointed!


Civic Opera Barber Salon

Classic Chicago Barbershops

When it comes to haircuts, some guys prefer going to a salon for styling, and all the bells, whistles and high-end hair products that go with it. Other guys prefer a simple, straight-up old school barbershop. For guys who haven’t yet found their go-to haircut spot, here’s a selection of some classic Chicago barbershops to consider.


(credit:  Chris Chambers/Getty Images)

College Basketball In Chicago – Best Of Guide

It’s college basketball championship time! If you’re looking for March Madness specials, bars, and more TV’s than you could ever dream of –we’ve got you covered.


Guinness At Fado

Best Places For The Perfect Guinness Pour

There is an art to the perfect Guinness pour that includes six steps, the last of which is to savor and enjoy it. Here are a few places around Chicago that are perfecting the pour.


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Best Places to Buy Corned Beef In and Around Chicago

St. Patrick’s Day is just around the corner and we all know what that means whether you’re Irish or not. Corned beef! To find a good corned beef, a beef brisket that has been salt-cured, there are a few places to buy one in and around the city.



Best Trivia Nights In Chicago

When you’re in the mood to beat your friends at mindless trivia, try one of these watering holes. We’ve rounded up trivia nights across the city, throughout the week. Are you smarter than a 5th grader?


Get Capone

A Guide To Al Capone’s Chicago

Most of Al Capone’s old haunts have vanished. Chicago’s elected leaders have taken care to wash away most of the evidence connecting the city to the man known as Scarface, history’s most notorious gangster. But if you know where to look, you can still catch a glimpse of Capone and the members of his outfit.



Men’s Guide To Style In Chicago

Let’s face it; men don’t love shopping quite as much as the ladies. They may even dread or despise it. With that being said, I headed to Trunk Club Men’s Outfitters at 311 W. Superior to see what founder and CEO Brian Spaly had to say on the subject.



Best Bets For Donuts In Chicago

Craving warm, sweet, flaky donuts? We’ve rounded up some of the best donuts in the city.



Chicago Alternative Winter Sports

Look at you. All cooped up, trying to deny your cabin fever. The weather might be frightful, but it’s time to get out and get your blood pumping.



Sports Bars With The Most TVs In Chicago

We’re going quantity over quality with this one. Need a place to watch the big game? When just one TV won’t do, here’s a list of sports bars with the most TVs in Chicago.


The Duke

5 Ways To Spend $100 In Chicago

So you’ve been cooped up in your apartment for far too long. Suddenly, a week of home-cooked meals and lounging on the couch have left you with some spare change and an itch to spend. We’ve gathered up some flashy and fun ways to drop semi-serious dough when you really feel the urge.


Super Bowl Party Essentials

Football Party Essentials

Unless you’ve got a killer Groundhog’s Day party planned, everyone knows that there’s only one fiesta to plan for in the early months – the big game. We’ve collected a list of must-haves for a successful party, as well as some favorite purveyors of each item.


Uncle Dan's

Best Outdoor Apparel Stores In Chicago

When temperatures drop in Chicago, we find it hard to remember a time when you could walk down Michigan Avenue in anything less than 7 layers. For that time of the year when the only skin exposed is the few inches around your eyes, we’ve gathered some of the best outdoor apparel and gear stores in Chicago. Stay warm, my friends.


Red Apple

Chicagoland’s Best Buffets

Table service is one of the reasons people go to restaurants, but sometimes it’s nice to be the master of your own dining destiny and take a more proactive, do-it-yourself approach. For a variety of cuisines, there are plenty of buffet options to choose from in and around Chicago. Here’s a selection of Chicagoland’s best.


Packer Fan

Best Places To Hide In Chicago If You’re a Packers Fan

If you bleed green and gold, there are few places in Chicago where you won’t stick out like a sore thumb. Where the massive piece of foam in the shape of a chunk of cheese on the top of your head won’t look awkward. Here’s a list of of the best Packer bars in Chicago.


Strange Cargo

Best Places To Buy Chicago Fan Apparel

From officially licensed apparel and accessories, to off-the-wall t-shirts–here are our picks for the best fan apparel stores in Chicago.


Cheese Dog Hot Dog

Best Places To Get Game Day Food

Whether you’re ordering in or going out, we’ve rounded up some of the best wings, pizza, BBQ, hot dogs and more for your game day needs. Score major points with your guests and friends with these selections.


Taverns With A Twist

Taverns With A Twist: Chicago Bars With Unique Activities

Here’s a list of venues that offer a little something out of the ordinary.


Jake Melnicks

Spiciest Food On The North Side

Chicago has plenty of places to spice up your palate. Here’s our picks for the spiciest food on the North Side.