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Best Places to Take A Doggy Park Day Trip Near Chicago

When summer strikes in Chicago, it’s time for families to start planning their weekend getaways. Just don’t make the mistake of forgetting a very important member of the family this year. That furry, four-legged pal who waits for you at the end of each day needs a little vacation as well. Take the time to plan a day trip to please the entire family at the best places to take a doggy day trip near Chicago.


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Getaway Guide: One-Tank Trip to Waukegan

It’s easy to get away from Chicago to Waukegan in just an hour, but take the long way instead. Make some quick but unforgettable stops to turn a simple drive into a great time you will always remember. The great part about this getaway is that you can accomplish it on just a tank of gas, and the end result, Waukegan, is always a good time.


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Getaway Guide: Weekend Road Trip To South Bend

South Bend isn’t just about the Fighting Irish and football. From art to white water rafting, South Bend offers a variety of activities for families, couples and groups looking to get away from it all in Chicago without getting too far away. Just a two-hour drive from downtown Chicago, South Bend’s amenities include something for everyone.