Alan Bean, Astronaut Who Walked On The Moon, Dies At 86"I became an astronaut because they were flying higher and faster and further than anything else."
Facebook: Send Us Your Naked Photos To Stop Revenge PornFacebook is expanding its fight against revenge porn with a pilot program that asks users to send their naked photos so Facebook can block the photos before someone else shares them.
Are We Becoming Addicted To Smartphones? 'It's A Digital Drug'You pick up your phone intending to spend just a few minutes checking social media or texts and the next thing you know - an hour has gone by. Are we addicted to our smartphones?
Postal Service Launches Sally Ride StampThe first woman in space, astronaut and physicist Sally Ride, is getting her own postage stamp.
The Theranos DeceptionThe spectacular collapse of Theranos and its blood-testing device that fell miles short of the claims made by company founder Elizabeth Holmes.
Spacewalk Astronauts Work On "Leaky" And "Frosty" PumpsMore than 15 years ago, Frosty lost heater power because of an unrelated problem elsewhere in the station.
NASA Sending Helicopter To Mars, Aiming For An Aviation FirstThe hope is that aircraft like this one -- flying mechanical scouts -- will eventually give scientists another vantage point from which to observe Mars.
Tesla SUV Earns A Guinness World Record For Towing Massive AirplaneTesla released a video on Tuesday that shows ones of its electric SUVs towing a 287,000-pound Boeing 787-9 dreamliner nearly 1,000 feet on a taxiway at the Melbourne Airport in Australia.
NASA Artists Use Science To Draw Alien Planets And GalaxiesIf you've ever seen an image of another world or a galaxy far, far away from NASA, it likely came from two scientists turned artists in California.
Facebook Adds 'Clear History' Option Amid Privacy ScandalFacebook users will soon be able to clear their browsing history on the social network.
Sprint And T-Mobile CEOs Promise Merger Won't Raise PricesThe CEOs of T-Mobile and Sprint are confident that their proposed merger will get approval from US regulators and create jobs — and that it won't raise prices for wireless subscribers.
How Do Scammers Call You With Your Own Phone Number?Have you ever gotten a phone call from your own number? Or one that was just a few digits off? It’s the latest illegal scam to get you to answer your phone – neighborhood spoofing.

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