Baffoe: RIP The Cutler Contract DebateTo now continue to rail against Cutler is howling at the moon, tilting at windmills, typing in metaphors.
Baffoe: Let’s Mock People Blaming Jay CutlerJay Cutler could cure cancer and would still not win people over because of his lack of warmth and fuzziness.
Baffoe: Trestman May Be Forced To Gamble SundayBears fans have come to know their first-year coach is one who is willing to take risks.
Baffoe: You’re Going To Hate-Watch Jay Cutler On SundayThe absolute undeniable fact that Cutler is the better quarterback and athlete than McCown is one thing, but you need to feel good, dontcha?
Baffoe: Great Moments In Ditka HistoryWhile a lot of focus was on some more popular clips of Ditka the player and Ditka the coach, I feel much of the true Ditka was not highlighted enough Monday
Baffoe: Mike Ditka Is A Tower Of StupidDitka is binary, obtuse and a caricature.
Baffoe: Richie Incognito Is A Creation Of OthersAnd why doesn’t Richie Incognito like himself? Why is he obviously such a screwed up individual?
Baffoe: What’s It Like Having A Groin Injury Like Cutler’s?Tim Baffoe did some crowdsourcing to get an idea of exactly what Cutler is dealing with.
Baffoe: Join Me In Waiting For An Illegal Hit To Kill A Pro AthleteIt's inevitably going to happen. One of these days a player is going to die because of an illegal hit.
Baffoe: Let’s Mock People Considering The Bears Getting Favre Or TebowSo come along and let’s point and laugh at some of these precious souls who actually verbalized their assumptions or desires for the Chicago Bears to sign either Brett Favre or Tim Tebow.
Baffoe: Helping You Defend Using The Washington Football Team NameBeing a sports fan is illogical. But then there is the really illogical of sports illogical.
Baffoe: Let's Mock People Agreeing With Rick Reilly's Awful Washington Football ColumnThis isn’t difficult. A team’s name is rooted in the genocide of a people. That’s not an opinion.

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