Bernstein And Goff Show

The Bernstein Brief: We'll Always Have This Eagles FanThis viral video of the day is an oasis of happiness.
Bernstein: Study Confirms Football's True DangerThe mundane action of football is causing more brain damage than concussions.
Who Gave Cubs' Kyle Schwarber Best Advice Amid Trying 2017 Season? Anthony Rizzo"I wouldn't take back anything that's happened over the last couple of years," Schwarber says.
Bernstein: Bears Coach Matt Nagy More Open With Media, For NowWe're already smarter about what we will see because of something the coach told us.
Bernstein: The Mystery Of 76ers' Markelle FultzFultz's broken shot is strange for basketball, but it has precedence in baseball and golf.
Bernstein: Cubs Do Right Thing For SafetyThere will be a marked increase in the amount of protective netting at Wrigley Field when the 2018 season starts.
The Bernstein Brief: It's Tom Brady And 3 Other GuysThe likes of Drew Brees, Matt Ryan and Ben Roethlisberger will watch with the rest of us.
Jed Hoyer: Cubs 'Almost Definitely' Moving Into Season With This Group Of Offensive PlayersJudging by Hoyer's remarks, the Cubs don't appear inclined to make a big trade or sign another high-profile position player.
The Bernstein Brief: Bulls' Lauri Markkanen Has His MomentMarkkanen had 33 points and a monster dunk as the Bulls prevailed under the bright lights of Madison Square Garden.
Matt Nagy: Unfair To Hold Bears To Playoff Standard Immediately, As Culture Is The Focus"In order to have good culture, you have to have people that trust each other," Nagy says.
Bernstein: LaVar Ball A Bother To NBA CoachesRick Carlisle attacked the messenger, while Steve Kerr lamented the Ball phenomenon as part of a larger trend.
Bernstein: Matt Nagy's First Impression Matters, For NowSome openness could begin to rebuild trust among fans hardened into cynicism in the John Fox era.
Bernstein: Ryan Pace's Quiet Search For New Bears Coach Keeps Us GuessingPace has revealed almost nothing about the criteria for the job, the size of the candidates' pool or the nature of the interviews.
Bernstein: Fans Thank Athletes In New, Better WayBills fans came up big for Andy Dalton's charity after he and the Bengals sent Buffalo into the playoffs.
Bernstein: Hall Of Fame Finalist Brian Urlacher Deserves First-Ballot HonorRay Lewis' candidacy shouldn't affect Urlacher's stature in any way, no matter what history says.
Bernstein: Bears Muddle Message On Confusing DayTed Phillips and George McCaskey only added ambiguity for no good reason after extending Ryan Pace.
Bernstein: John Fox Era Fizzles Out In ChicagoFox's reputation as a turnaround specialist has been undone with the Bears, with setbacks coming in every variety.
The Bernstein Brief: Bulls, Former Bulls Have A NightRajon Rondo and Jimmy Butler shined in wins Wednesday night.
Bernstein: Aaron Rodgers Move Merits ScrutinyThe Packers appeared to have violated an NFL rule with their handling of Rodgers' injury.
Bernstein: Bears Put Themselves In The Coaching ConversationFor the Bears to put themselves in the market signals that there's no going back from here in firing John Fox.
The Bernstein Brief: Seahawks' Fine A Minimal DeterrentNothing about a fine or mandatory remedial training for a coaching staff is going to change the motivations during an upcoming playoff game.
Bears' Dontrelle Inman Has High Praise For Mitchell Trubisky's Work Habits"He's learning, man," Inman says of Trubisky. "He's a true leader."
Bernstein: Bill Belichick Cuts Off Tom Brady's Medicine ManAlex Guerrero has had his team privileges stripped by the Patriots.
Bernstein: What's Wrong With Football Coaches?Coaches' comments are less than human after a while, and the behavior tends to manifest itself at the most serious times.
The Bernstein Brief: It Can't Just Be Nikola Mirotic ... Can It?Mirotic has gone nothing short of bananas since coming back from the trauma he suffered at the hand of teammate Bobby Portis.
Bernstein: The Light And Dark Side Of Mitchell Trubisky's DevelopmentIf he succumbs to the darkness, Trubisky will have settled into self-defeating habits due to learned helplessness.
The Bernstein Brief: No Market For Veteran BatsMajor League Baseball is more of a young man's game than ever.
The Bernstein Brief: Stop It, BullsThe Bulls' four-game winning streak has vaulted them to the second-worst spot in the NBA.
Bernstein: Charles Barkley Jumps Into Big GameBarkley pulled no punches before and after campaigning for Doug Jones in Alabama in a special election for an open U.S. Senate seat.
The Bernstein Brief: Now Go Get Brandon Morrow Some HelpWith Morrow turning 34 in July and having a history of injuries, the Cubs need more help to keep his workload light.


Bernstein: Stupid Bears Got ConnedThis is bad for the Bears, casting a pall of doubt and distrust over every level of ownership and management, just at the time new energy from the very top spurred the kind of regime change that inspired fans to embrace some hope.
Bernstein: Latest Recovery A Reckoning For RoseLet this comeback be a reconciliation for Rose, and an honest assessment of what player he still wants to be.
Bernstein: The Big Ten's Awful Idea Now we have a better idea what Big Ten officials do behind closed doors in their strategic-planning meetings.
Bernstein: Bulls' Words Don't Tell Whole StoryThe Bulls are 4-6 in their last 10 games.
Bernstein: Relaxed Rick Hahn Has Sox In Good PlaceThe relatively young GM is under new pressure to win from a notoriously fickle, cranky fanbase.
Bernstein: Health Concerns Cloud Bulls' OpportunityThe Bulls are set up to make a real run for the first time in the Thibodeau era, if they stay healthy.
Bernstein: Separating Myth From Reality In Bears SearchOff they go on their merry hunt, George McCaskey and Ted Phillips all in tweed and ear-flapped caps, with Ernie Accorsi pacing alongside as their wily guide.
Bernstein: Thibodeau Already Pushing Too HardSo much for the agreement forged between Tom Thibodeau and his bosses.
Bernstein: Bears Defining ThemselvesStill in search of some kind of identity, the Bears may be closer than ever to finding one.
Bernstein: Cubs Unfazed By Rooftops SuitThe Cubs saw this coming, and don’t seem worried about it one bit.
Bernstein: Heat's Struggles Intriguing For BullsThe door may be opening in the Eastern Conference.
Bernstein: End Of Michael Sam TV Show Necessary, Unfortunate Oprah Winfrey’s network is calling it a “postponement,” but it sure seems like the idea of a Michael Sam reality show is dead.

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