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Examples of defective license plates. (Credit: State of Illinois)

Defective Illinois License Plates Still On The Road A Decade After Problem Discovered

The Illinois Secretary of State’s office identified the manufacturer’s problem with the reflective coating in January of 2004.


Rebecca Brown at the fifth annual Slut Walk on Michigan Avenue. (Credit: Mike Krauser)

Protesters In Annual ‘Slut Walk’ March Down Michigan Avenue

A couple hundred people, mostly women, and many wearing very little to make a point, participated in the annual event they call Slut Walk today on Michigan Avenue, reports WBBM’s Mike Krauser.



Madigan in Tense Stand Off With Press After Foiled Attempt to Avoid Questions

CHICAGO (CBS) — What happens when the most powerful and secretive man in Springfield attempts to avoid a scrum of reporters and fails? Speaker of the House Michael Madigan and his handlers tried to inconspicuously […]



Emails Associated With Local Government Workers Revealed In Ashley Madison Leak

The governor’s office has launched an investigation as four email addresses released end in Illinois.gov. CBS 2’s Dana Kozlov reports the state worker email addresses aren’t the only ones from Illinois.


Thaddeus Stevens. (Credit: Chicago Police)

Man Awarded $25 Million For Wrongful Conviction Charged In Shooting

Prosecutors say he spent a lot of the money awarded to him on trying to get his old gang back together.