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  1. Are You Rooting For The Bears To Make The Playoffs?

    There are some people in Chicago who do not like Lovie Smith and feel the only way to get him out of town is for the Bears to miss out on the postseason.  Do you fall into this category of  fans?

  2. Mike Martz and Lovie Smith
    Will Lovie Smith Coach The Bears Next Season?

    Lovie Smith is definitely on the hot seat.  The Bears started off 7-1 and are now in danger of missing the playoffs.  After the collapse last season will management cut ties with Lovie after this season?

  3. Manti Te'o
    Who Will Win The 2012 Heisman?

    Three were invited to New York for the award but the consensus is that it’s a two man race between Notre Dame LB Manti Te’o and Texas A&M freshman QB Johnny Manziel.  Which one of these players will leave New York with the award?

  4. Who Will Win The NFC North?

    Who Will Win The NFC North?

  5. Is Cutler A Franchise Quarterback?

    Should the Bears resign Jay Cutler?

  6. Should Jay Cutler Start Monday Night?

    Jay Cutler suffered a concussion Sunday night. Some people have said that there should be a mandatory week off after a concussion is diagnosed. What do you think? Should Cutler play Monday night if he is cleared by doctors?

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