house300 Guide To Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Ferris Bueller’s "Chicago Home" (credit:

pa300 Guide To Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Center for Performing Arts (credit:

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foul Guide To Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Fan grab at Wrigley Field (credit: Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Did you know Ferris Bueller’s “Chicago Home” was actually a home in Los Angeles? It was a home on Country Club Drive in Long Beach, Los Angeles.

Ferris Bueller’s school where he decides to play hooky from is actually the home of Glenbrook North High School, 2300 Shermer Road in Northbrook, Illinois.

During the scene when Ferris pretended to be the dad of character “Sloane” isn’t the main entrance. It is actually the entrance to the Center for Performing Arts at Glenbrook North.

Do you remember the ‘Save Ferris’ water tower? It is located north of the Glenbrook train station, between Cedar Lane and Meadow Road, but has been repainted and no longer says ‘Save Ferris’

Ferris’s mother in the movie works at a real estate branch in Winnetka, Illinois at 583 Chestnut Street at the Northwest corner of Elm Street

Ferris’s father works in downtown Chicago and they used an office at 333 West Wacker Drive which overlooks the Chicago River.

The home of Cameron and the infamous 1961 Ferrari 250 GT California is in Highland Park, Illinois at 370 Beech Street, between Linden Avenue and Wade Street.

The parking garage to what they hoped “protected” their precious Ferrari 250 GT California was a garage at West Washington Street at Wells Street.

In the movie, they visit the sky deck of the Sears Tower which has been renamed the Willis Tower. You too can put your face to the glass and test the new sky deck ledges by visiting the tower at 233 South Wacker Drive in Chicago.

The gang takes a visit to one of the busiest places in Chicago, the Chicago Board of Trade located at 141 W Jackson Blvd in downtown Chicago. They do offer the public a glimpse into this busy center offering tours at the visitor center between 8am and 4pm Monday to Friday.

The fancy restaurant called ‘Chez Quis’ where Ferris pretended to be the sausage king of Chicago, Abe Froman was actually filmed in two locations. The interior shots were a restaurant in Los Angeles. The exterior shots of the restaurant, when they leave and see Ferris’s dad, were at home at 22 West Schiller Street, between North State Parkway and North Dearborn Street.

No one can forget when the dean of the school misses Ferris catching a foul ball at the historic Wrigley Field. Wrigley Field does offer tours for tourists located at 1060 West Addison Street. You’ll have to attend a game for a chance at a foul ball though.

In this unusually serious scene, the gang visits the Art Institute of Chicago located at 111 South Michigan Avenue.

The parade in which Ferris steals the show with is rendition of “Twist And Shout” was an actual parade occurring in the city. It was the annual German-American parade and was filmed on Dearborn Street

When Cameron notices the mileage on the Ferrari during their special day he becomes catatonic. That shot is near the Glencoe Beach, at the end of Park Street on Lake Michigan.

The rest of the Movie, including the dean chasing Ferris through the streets of a Chicago suburb was actually all filmed near 4160 Country Club Drive, just south of Virginia Country Club in Long Beach, Los Angeles.


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