Bob Larson

bob larson Bob LarsonBob Larson was born in Abington, PA, just outside of Philadelphia, on May 30, 1959. He developed an interest in weather at a very early age when on Christmas Eve, 1966, a
snowstorm accompanied by thunder and lightning swept through Abington.

From that point on, Bob says he has been a student of the atmosphere. In fact, he has kept weather records at home since 1977. Bob played the clarinet in the Abington High School Band before graduating from the school in 1977.

He then worked at the Pennsylvania State University Campus Weather Service before graduating from Penn State with a B.S. degree in Meteorology in 1981. In a countrywide
competition, Bob’s meteorology class at Penn State finished in the top three in the nation. In 1982, Bob started working as a Forecaster-in-Training at AccuWeather, the world’s leading commercial weather service.

Bob has since achieved the distinction of Expert Senior Forecaster. Several years back, Bob became Director of AccuWeather’s Special Clients Department, which forecasts weather for utility companies, golf tournaments, movie production companies, airports and other organizations that need highly specialized forecasts to make operational decisions.

More recently, he became Assistant Afternoon Manager of Forecast Operations. Bob also heads AccuWeather’s Almanac Committee, which tracks daily weather events. In
1997, Bob was elected to AccuWeather’s Hall of Fame, which requires winning eight annual awards.

Bob has two children, Erik, born in 1989, and Blair, who was born in 1992, and one cat named Bouch. A tremendous sports fan, Bob follows most sports, particularly baseball, hockey and Penn State football.

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