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Brad Edwards

Brad Edwards

Brad Edwards

Brad Edwards is a CBS 2 Investigator along with Pam Zekman and Dave Savini.

Edwards work has netted 70+ awards: including 20+ Regional Emmy Awards and 6 Regional Edward R. Murrow Awards.

His reporting has led to new policies, prosecutions; it has reunited families, and helped free a wrongfully convicted woman serving a 50 year prison sentence. While a reporter in Detroit, his year-long expose into the county morgue led to the burial of dozens of indigent souls, and the passage of legislation that fast-tracked a massive facility expansion.

A 2001 graduate of Michigan State University, Brad serves as an Adjunct Professor at Columbia College of Chicago and as CBS Chicago’s SAG-AFTRA steward. He resides in Chicago.

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2 Investigators: I’ve Been Hacked

Like a lot of consumers, Brad Edwards has had his personal information lifted off the conventional internet. But has that private data seeped onto the “Dark Web”?


2 Investigators: ‘False Image’ Helped Clear Cop In Shooting, Expert Says

A forensic video analyst says the FBI’s faulty enhancement of grainy dashcam video led to a wrong conclusion in the 2014 police-involved shooting death of Ronald Johnson.


2 Investigators: The Real Costs Of Gun Violence

Shooting victim Cody Barden’s medical care has cost more than $3.2 million, including more than $90,000 in out-of-pocket expenses. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.


2 Investigators: How The Breach In Chicago Voter Data Was Found

It was easy. A security troubleshooter in California typed two words and hit a jackpot of personal information on up to 1.8 million Chicago voters. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.


Former Marine Running 31 Marathons In 31 Days

But wait, there’s more. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards introduces us to Rob Jones.


2 Investigators: The Search For Chicago’s Missing Children

The Cook County Sheriff Department’s Child Rescue Unit is the only one exclusively dedicated to finding missing minors. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.


2 Investigators: Berrios Opponent Plagued By Fake Websites

Democrat Fritz Kaegi thinks an operative of the powerful Democrat is behind the identity-hijacking. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.


2 Investigators: Firm Claims Political Retaliation For Move To Indiana

Retaliation? An industrial firm that fled Illinois while complaining about the state’s business climate is now having trouble collecting a Cook County tax refund.


Election Vendor On Hot Seat For Mishandling Of Voter Data

Exposed information of Chicagoans included dates of birth, partial Social Security numbers and driver’s license numbers. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.


2 Investigators: Few Arrests As Chicago Carjackings Spike

What’s driving these violent — and sometimes fatal — incidents? CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.


Judge Throws Book At Serial Offender After 2 Investigators Report

CBS 2 Legal Analyst Irv Miller calls it unprecedented.


2 Investigators: Small Fine For Massive Towing Overcharge

CBS 2’s Brad Edwards has this follow-up report about a Chicago area towing company that charged $37,000 to dislodge a semi-truck from an underpass.


WATCH: Man Steals Child’s Wagon

The Radio Flyer took flight from a West Loop residence as a surveillance camera was rolling. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.


2 Investigators: Dr. Rudd’s Surprising Legal Ally

The election lawyer who brought about the political downfall of the former Lake County coroner has signed on as a defense attorney in his criminal trial. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.


In Fox Lake, A Sigh Of Relief As Flood Waters Recede

The weather forecast calls for sunny skies, and water levels dropped 3 inches alone on Friday, locals say.


2 Investigators: Chronic Offender Escapes Sex Conviction, Under Judge’s Ruling

Cornell McWilliams, who has been arrested dozens of times, attacked a woman outside a gas station late last year. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards talks with the victim.


No Bond For U Of I Kidnapping Suspect

Brendt Christensen may have been plotting additional abductions, according to information disclosed in court Wednesday. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.


2 Investigators: Gasoline Smell Persists After Tank Leak In Bridgeport

It began in December 2016 when a leak was discovered in an underground fuel storage tank at a gas station near 31st and Union.


Russian Hack Into Illinois Election Database Worse Than Thought

The digital intruders saw the records of 90,000 voters, including names, birth dates, driver’s license numbers. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.


2 Investigators: Rent-To-Own Nightmare

“Land contracts” are now coming under fire as being predatory toward low-income people. CBS 2’s Brad Edwards reports.




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