Brian Hanley

Brian Hanley is the co-host on the “Mully and Hanley Show” on 670 The Score on weekdays from 5 a.m.-9 a.m.

He was born in 1960 on the West Side of Chicago at the venerable St. Anne’s Hospital. His late, great dad, Bernard, and beautiful and selfless mom, Suzanne, raised nine children. Hanley and his five brothers and three sisters grew up in Oak Park and River Forest, where he attended St. Luke’s grammar school.
brian hanley Brian HanleyHis first newspaper job was an afternoon paper route delivering the late, great Chicago Daily News. His love of journalism grew while at Fenwick High Scool (Oak Park), from where he was graduated in 1978 as an Illinois State Scholar.

While at Marquette University, from where he was graduated with a journalism major and broadcast minor in 1982, he was an intern for the late, great Tim Weigel at WLS-TV here in Chicago. With Weigel’s letter of recommendation, he was able to gain acceptance to the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, where he did graduate work.

He began my career at the Chicago Sun-Times in 1984 as a part-time editorial assistant while also attending Medill. His first full-time beat came in 1988, when he was assigned to cover Illinois and the Big Ten. He was fortunate to chronicle the 1989 “Flying Illini’’ basketball team under coach Lou Henson, a Final Four squad.

In his 24 years at the Sun-Times, his beats spanned the White Sox, Cubs, Blackhawks, Northwestern and the Bulls.

Thanks to Seth Mason, Ron Gleason and then-owner Dan Lee – with a tip of the hat to sports talk radio pioneer Chet Coppock – his Score career began with the station’s creation. He shared afternoon drive duties with Terry Boers, the quickest wit he’s known, and Dan McNeil.

His brodcast career was reignited in 2005 under the Score braintrust of GM Paul Agase and Program Director Mitch Rosen, both of whom have taken the station to its greatest heights. From the midday show to the move to morning drive, he has enjoyed great success along with broadcast partner Mike Mulligan, executive producer Joe Ostrowski and sound surgeons Rock Mamola and Chris Collins through the years.

Hanley says the the constant that has continued to amaze his throughout these many years has been the loyalty, creativity and absolute intelligence of the listeners, who are the pillars of the Score.

Hanley: Derrick Rose Continues To Put His Mouth Where His Money Is

Rose no longer comes across as the humble hometown kid.

CBS Chicago–09/29/2015

Hanley: Clippers, Mavs All In On DeAndre Jordan In A Chaotic Saga

DeAndre Jordan is reconsidering his verbal commitment to sign with Dallas.

CBS Chicago–07/08/2015

Hanley: Wisconsin Stops Kentucky’s Bid For Greatness

In the case of this Kentucky team being the NCAA’s greatest, the defense never rested. Wisconsin’s defense, at crunch time, that is.


Hanley: Trestman Needs To ‘Fix It’

It’s time to deflate some of those opinions.

CBS Chicago–10/20/2014

Hanley: Emery, Trestman Need To Keep Close Watch On Receivers

Brandon Marshall, Santonio Holmes and Martellus Bennett could come with drama.

CBS Chicago–08/19/2014

Hanley: Clippers Owner Caught In Racist Rant

In an OMG story from TMZ Saturday, despicable Donald Sterling is caught on tape confirming what many knew: The L.A. Clippers owner is the NBA’s resident racist.


Hanley: Tim Sassone Was A Hall Of Fame Person

A longtime friend will never forget the memories created with and kindness of Tim Sassone, who passed away Tuesday.

CBS Chicago–03/26/2014

Hanley: Trying To Phil In The Blanks In New York

The Knicks are trying the darndest to keep Carmelo Anthony in New York.

CBS Chicago–03/13/2014

Hanley: Words Ring Hollow As Brian Kelly Protects Notre Dame’s Image

Brian Kelly says Notre Dame never “threatened” Prince Shembo into not talking about an alleged sexual assault incident.

670 The Score–03/06/2014

Hanley: Cubs Can’t ‘Tune Out The Noise’ If They Don’t Deal Dempster

It was only about six weeks ago that Cubs president Theo Epstein said he and his staff had to “tune out the noise” from fans and media as they went about building the team into something akin to championship caliber. Better buy some ear plugs.

670 The Score–07/30/2012

Hanley: No Tears For Shortened Crosstown Classic

No tears here, not with the news that the Cubs-Sox series — or Sox-Cubs series for our South Side faithful — is getting a haircut starting next year.

670 The Score–07/10/2012

Hanley: Soldier Field Super Bowl Is Football Fantasy

670 The Score’s Brian Hanley tries to bring sports fans back to earth amid Thursday’s discussion about a potential Super Bowl at Soldier Field.


Hanley: Payton’s Arrogance Continues

Sean Payton, meet mirror.

CBS Chicago–03/27/2012

Hanley: Emery Off To Good Start With Bears

When the thing that comes closest to questioning a Bears general manager’s move is why the team underpaid for a player, that is progress.

CBS Chicago–03/13/2012

Hanley: News, Notes And Nonsense

When it comes to his bad back, looks like the ball is no longer in Derrick Rose’s court. That’s a good thing.

670 The Score–02/14/2012

Hanley: Adam Dunn’s Comments Infuriating

Spraying to all fields while wondering whether either Chicago baseball team will win 70 games this season.

CBS Chicago–01/25/2012

Hanley: Bears Better Pass On Forte

Here’s a bit of advice for the Bears’ next general manager: Run away from Matt Forte.

CBS Chicago–01/17/2012

Kerry Wood

Hanley: Cubs Shouldn’t Overpay Wood To Stick Around

The Cubs have many needs, and a $4 million set-up guy isn’t one of them, Brian Hanley says.


Hanley: Good Luck, Ozzie, Keeping Big Z In Check

Ozzie Guillen has said he can manage anybody. We’ll soon find out, says The Score’s Brian Hanley.


Mike Martz and Lovie Smith

Hanley: Bears’ Shakeup ‘A Refreshing Start’

Actions may speak louder than words, yet without Bears chairman George McCaskey’s mantra that “winning world championships” is the team’s goal, Jerry Angelo would still be general manager.

CBS Chicago–01/03/2012


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