Brian Hanley

Brian Hanley is the co-host on the “Mully and Hanley Show” on 670 The Score on weekdays from 5 a.m.-9 a.m.

He was born in 1960 on the West Side of Chicago at the venerable St. Anne’s Hospital. His late, great dad, Bernard, and beautiful and selfless mom, Suzanne, raised nine children. Hanley and his five brothers and three sisters grew up in Oak Park and River Forest, where he attended St. Luke’s grammar school.
brian hanley Brian HanleyHis first newspaper job was an afternoon paper route delivering the late, great Chicago Daily News. His love of journalism grew while at Fenwick High Scool (Oak Park), from where he was graduated in 1978 as an Illinois State Scholar.

While at Marquette University, from where he was graduated with a journalism major and broadcast minor in 1982, he was an intern for the late, great Tim Weigel at WLS-TV here in Chicago. With Weigel’s letter of recommendation, he was able to gain acceptance to the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University, where he did graduate work.

He began my career at the Chicago Sun-Times in 1984 as a part-time editorial assistant while also attending Medill. His first full-time beat came in 1988, when he was assigned to cover Illinois and the Big Ten. He was fortunate to chronicle the 1989 “Flying Illini’’ basketball team under coach Lou Henson, a Final Four squad.

In his 24 years at the Sun-Times, his beats spanned the White Sox, Cubs, Blackhawks, Northwestern and the Bulls.

Thanks to Seth Mason, Ron Gleason and then-owner Dan Lee – with a tip of the hat to sports talk radio pioneer Chet Coppock – his Score career began with the station’s creation. He shared afternoon drive duties with Terry Boers, the quickest wit he’s known, and Dan McNeil.

His brodcast career was reignited in 2005 under the Score braintrust of GM Paul Agase and Program Director Mitch Rosen, both of whom have taken the station to its greatest heights. From the midday show to the move to morning drive, he has enjoyed great success along with broadcast partner Mike Mulligan, executive producer Joe Ostrowski and sound surgeons Rock Mamola and Chris Collins through the years.

Hanley says the the constant that has continued to amaze his throughout these many years has been the loyalty, creativity and absolute intelligence of the listeners, who are the pillars of the Score.

Hanley: Ohio State AD Gene Smith ‘Clueless’

Gene Smith, the clueless Ohio State athletic director, shouldn’t be the only one “disappointed with the NCAA’s decision” Tuesday. Smith’s disappointed? How about the players who are still bound to the now non-Bowl-eligible Buckeyes next year?

670 The Score–12/20/2011

Hanley: Bears, NBA, Penn State And More

In honor of the baseball general managers meeting Monday in Milwaukee, time to spray to all fields while waiting to see if Carlos squared (Quentin and Zambrano) are sent packing.

CBS Chicago–11/14/2011

Hanley: Mind Reels At PSU Scandal, And There May Be More Ahead

Here’s hoping the worst of the depravity of the Jerry Sandusky child-abuse allegations has already been brought to light, Brian Hanley says.

670 The Score–11/10/2011

Hanley: Time Is Running Out On NBA

Wednesday will be the league’s D-Day, according to commissioner David Stern.

670 The Score–11/08/2011

Hanley: Cubs Will Always Be Team Theo

Good to see Chicago’s Theogood hasn’t been lost on Jason McLeod. McLeod was introduced Tuesday along with Jed Hoyer, the team’s new general manager. Yet, it was Epstein who commanded the floor when questions came the trio’s way as to imminent moves to be made.

670 The Score–11/01/2011

Hanley: Epstein Ushers In New Cubs Era

Epstein showed intelligence, confidence, humility, and a healthy dose of humor during the grand-slam press session.

CBS Chicago–10/25/2011

Tom Ricketts

Hanley: Careful What You Send To Boston For Epstein

If Boston’s brain trust is willing to pull the plug on the Theo deal, then Tom, you will know the true value of McNutt and quickly get Andrew Friedman on speed dial.

CBS Chicago–10/18/2011

Hanley: Drama Rises In Presidents Cup Matchup

Circle Nov. 17-20 on your must-see-TV calendar. That is when the Presidents Cup is to be played at Royal Melbourne. Thanks to Greg Norman going boxing weigh-in with his Tiger taunts, that golf tourney just got a whole lot more interesting.

CBS Chicago–10/17/2011

Hanley: Don’t Count On Public Funding For Wrigley Field

Bodog didn’t put odds on Mayor Rahm Emanuel coming up with the $200 million in public money the Ricketts would like to help fix Wrigley Field.

CBS Chicago–10/13/2011

Jerry Reinsdorf

Hanley: Reinsdorf Was Integral In Ventura’s Hire

According to Anthony McCarron of the New York Daily News, Reinsdorf gave Williams walking orders when it came time to start thinking about replacing Guillen.

CBS Chicago–10/10/2011

Hanley: Is Ventura The Next Del Negro?

Will Robin Ventura be a great, or even good, manager? Time will tell.

670 The Score–10/06/2011

Ryne Sandberg

Hanley: We All Love Sandberg But…

The heart may beat for Ryne Sandberg as the next Cubs’ manager, but the head should give the nod to Terry Francona.

670 The Score–10/05/2011

Circus Animals

Hanley: Only good news on NBA LOCKOUT – NO Circus Trip…

Hey, at least the Bulls won’t have to take the annual, and usually disastrous, circus trip this year. Count on a severely shortened NBA season, if there is one at all, now that the lockout will wipe out regular-season games. Neither side blinked Tuesday in what was likely the last negotiating session for a month […]

670 The Score–10/04/2011

Tom Ricketts

Hanley: Clock is ticking on Ricketts…

Here’s hoping Tom Ricketts is in Oklahoma City today.   Ditto, Theo Epstein.   Or some other outpost, where neither man would be recognized as they talked about teaming to lead the Cubs to their first championship in more than a century.   Such a conversation couldn’t take place in Copley Square of Boston. Or […]

670 The Score–10/03/2011

Tom Ricketts

Hanley: Cubs ask fans to pay sooner…

If only the Cubs had the same sense of urgency to oust Jim Hendry. According to the Tribune’s Paul Sullivan, the Cubs have sent out a letter to season ticket holders informing them the deadline to renew their seats will be moved up to from early January to Nov. 16th. If this is the start […]

670 The Score–09/30/2011

Hanley: Cutler & Williams Talking Like Pros

Of Course, Mike Martz said all the right things a week ago — just days before the offense didn’t do much of anything right in their 27-17 home loss to Green Bay.

670 The Score–09/28/2011

Kenny Williams

HANLEY: The Sox are Kenny’s Team now…

Kenny Williams started his press conference Monday with his trademark tough-guy bravado. He basically told the media to hurry up with their Ozzie questions because Kenny didn’t want to “prolong” the session and he had “nothing profound to say.”   Unfortunately Kenny’s actions the past few seasons have spoken much louder than the too-few-and-far-between words […]


Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo

HANLEY: How Bad Is The Bears Offense & Who’s To Blame?

Always enjoy our conversation each Monday (8:30 a.m.) with Troy Aikman. Troy is not only informative but also opinionated, a football exacta which pays off weekly.

670 The Score–09/26/2011

Lets talk some baseball prior to Bears/Packers kick-off

  A couple of baseball thoughts while waiting for the Bears to take care of the hated Pack: It looks like we can add Carlos Marmol’s name to the list of bad contracts Jim Hendry left the Cubs. Marmol’s $3 million salary rockets to $7 million next season and $9.8 million in 2013. Know any […]

670 The Score–09/25/2011

Hanley: Who would you start a NFL team with?

Interesting poll in Sports Illustrated this week. A survey of 272 National Football League players were asked what player they would pick first if they were building a team from scratch. According to SI, seven of the top 10 vote-getters and 10 of the top 15 play quarterback. Lions defensive tackle Ndamukong Suh (4%) was […]

670 The Score–09/22/2011



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