Craig Dellimore

dellimore250 Craig DellimoreCraig Dellimore, political editor for WBBM, joined the station in 1983 after working for several years with the Associated Press Radio Network in Washington D.C. He says that it is an honor to take over a post masterfully manned by Bob Crawford, whose more than three decades of work set the standard for broadcast political reporting in Chicago.

During his time at WBBM, Craig has performed a variety of jobs, including anchor, managing editor, legislative correspondent and suburban bureau chief.

Craig says he has covered a number of national political conventions for WBBM, and that he enjoys the challenge of helping to inform listeners about important issues facing them. He also says he likes to get behind the traditional headlines and sound bites to illustrate why some political events are transpiring the way they have.

However, he says some of his most memorable stories have been outside of the political realm. Craig covered the tragedy of the 1994 crash of American Eagle Flight 4184 in Roselawn, Indiana. He also reported on the resilience of farmers and other Illinois residents along the Mississippi as they recovered from widespread flooding.

Craig also followed a west-suburban woman for over two years in her quest for a lung transplant which she eventually received. The story highlighted the growing need for organ donations.

Although Craig has done a lot of work outside the political spectrum, he says he really loves politics and his job.

Emanuel: Trump’s Slam Of Chicago Schools Is ‘Fake News’

Mayor Emanuel and local school officials were quick to respond to Trump’s claims that the “numbers are very rough.”


Lisa Madigan Highlighting Recalls Of Children’s Products

The Illinois Attorney General said parents need to be aware there’s a growing number of dangerous products sold for children on the market.


Finger-Pointing Over Lack Of State Budget Continues

This time, it’s Democratic state Sen. Don Harmon casting blame on Republican Gov. Bruce Rauner.


State Senate President John Cullerton

Illinois Senate President Backs Bill That Protects Immigrants

The Illinois Senate is moving forward with legislation that would offer immigrants more protection from federal immigration authorities.


Emanuel Joins Groundbreaking For McDonald’s New Chicago Building

The 12-story building is expected to house businesses that serve the McDonald’s Corporation.



Emanuel: Those Responsible For South Shore Shootings “Evil, Depraved”

Emanuel said the people responsible for shootings that left seven dead in the South Shore neighborhood on Thursday deserve to be in jail.


Treasurer Kurt Summers Wants $57 Million To Go To Violence Prevention

A Chicago alderman is proposing to use $25 million in extra city investment income to keep the streets less violent this summer.


Measure In The Works To Restrict The Loudest Chicago Street Musicians

The sponsoring alderman is working on what he hopes is a harmonious compromise. WBBM Political Editor Craig Dellimore reports.


Chicago Aldermen Stand Firm On ‘Sanctuary City’ Status

Aldermen are not backing down from Chicago’s “Sanctuary City” status, despite U.S. Attorney General Jeff Session’s threat to withhold federal grants from such local governments.


Gov. Rauner Vetoes Bill To Overhaul Chicago Employee Pension Program

The bill would have required municipal workers and laborers to contribute more to their retirement and allow them to retire at age 65.


Gov. Rauner Wants Democrats, Officials To Support Pension Legislation

The governor said Republicans would support laws changing the state’s pension systems and providing $250 million in school pension relief.


Duckworth: Trump Sacrificing Veterans For Obamacare Repeal Bill

Senator Tammy Duckworth said as many as seven million veterans could lose tax credits under the GOP-backed plan to replace Obamacare.


Chicago City Council Approves State Union Bargaining Resolution

The council approved a resolution pleading with the Gov. Rauner to “bargain in good faith” with AFSCME, the largest state employee union.


New City Ordinance Would Allow Some Younger Adults To Serve Alcohol

A city council committee has approved an ordinance that eases restrictions on younger adults working in some places with liquor licenses.


Chicago Aldermen Troubled By Gun, Sex Offender Registry System

Some Chicago aldermen are dismayed by the system meant to inform local residents about sex and gun offenders living on their blocks.


Rauner, Mendoza Clashing Over Taxpayer Money

State Comptroller Mendoza accused Gov. Rauner of holding money and special funds in the event of a government shutdown over the budget.


Roskam Opposes Parts Of Trump’s Proposed Budget

Republican Peter Roskam said there are some parts of President Trump’s proposed budget that he and others in Congress are likely to fight.


U.S. Rep. Peter Roskam (R-Ill.)

Roskam: Trump Not ‘Wise’ To Propose Great Lakes Preservation Funds Cut

Peter Roskam favors some parts of Trump’s proposed budget, but thinks cutting funds that help preserve the Great Lakes is not “sustainable.”


Rehabilitation Institute Of Chicago Gets New Home, New Name

Doctors, patients, and staff from the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago have been preparing to move into a new $550 million facility in Streeterville, which will feature a new name for the renowned hospital.


City Begins Effort To Get 10,000 Young Chicagoans Back To Work, School

Emanuel said the city’s partnering with Thrive Chicago to help reconnect some of the young people who aren’t in school and are unemployed.




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