David Schuster

David Schuster is an on-air reporter, update anchor and part-time host for 670 The Score.

He’s been covering the local sports scene for more than 30 years. He’s been privileged to have covered 10 local championships (six by the Bulls, two by the Blackhawks and one each by the White Sox and Bears). Schuster’s also covered three no-hitters and one perfect game and had the honor of covering the best basketball player ever on a daily basis.

Not only does Schuster love reporting on sports but he equally enjoys participating, be it basketball, baseball, golf or tennis. He’s a huge movie goer who also likes to travel, and he owns a piece of a local minor league baseball team as well as a piece of a local restaurant.

David Schuster

Schuster: More Injury Woes For The Bulls

The injury woes just never seem to end for the Bulls. Derrick Rose is now battling his 5th injury on the season and Luol Deng has added bruised ribs to go along with the torn ligament in his left wrist.

CBS Chicago–04/16/2012

Schuster: Injured Rose Fighting To Stay Positive

Derrick Rose had led a charmed life regarding injuries up until this season.

CBS Chicago–04/10/2012

Carlos Marmol

Schuster: Same Old, Same Old For The Cubs

Well so far the new Cubs regime looks a lot like the old one. More losses, and ugly ones at that. Yes, it’s only two games into a long season but it’s awfully deflating when the two losses have come the way they have, so far.

CBS Chicago–04/07/2012

Tom Thibodeau

Schuster: So Much For That Streak

Not since early February of 2011 had the Bulls lost two in a row. It was a streak that spanned 86 games but it’s a streak that’s now over. With Monday night’s 99-93 defeat to Houston the Bulls have lost back to back games under Tom Thibodeau for only the 5th time in his tenure.

CBS Chicago–04/02/2012

Rose: Not Playing Is ‘Definitely Hurting Me’

Derrick Rose continues to be listed as a game-time decision, which means he wont play for a while.

670 The Score–03/26/2012

Joakim Noah

Noah Apologizes For His Actions

Joakim Noah had the better part of 24 hours to think about his actions from Saturday night and when the time came to meet the media he quickly apologized.

CBS Chicago–03/25/2012

Schuster: Rose Speaks Out On Officiating

Derrick Rose is usually cool, calm and collected on the court but Monday night he was getting more and more agitated. With each and every non call by the officials you could see Rose’s anger rising. And finally in the 3rd quarter he uncharacteristically started mouthing off. But that was nothing compared to after the game.

CBS Chicago–03/12/2012

Schuster: Rose’s Buzzer-Beater Pushes Streak To 8

Bulls broadcaster, Stacey King calls Derrick Rose the “Windy City Assassin” and he was right on target last night here in Milwaukee. With the game tied at 104, Rose had the ball in his hands with the clock running out. You knew he was going to shoot the ball you just weren’t sure how he was going to do it. Well apparently neither did the Bucks who failed to double team the reigning MVP who let the clock run down to almost zero before he delivered the dagger, a 20 foot fade away jumper that won the game

CBS Chicago–03/08/2012

Schuster: Hamilton Will Be Out ‘Awhile’

If you think you’re frustrated with Richard Hamilton being so injured this season, you should know it’s nothing compared to his frustration.

CBS Chicago–03/07/2012

Adam Dunn and Paul Konerko

Schuster: Team Chemistry Vital To Success

Chemistry and camaraderie are extremely important to winning in baseball, if you believe most players.

CBS Chicago–03/02/2012

Reed Johnson

Schuster: Cubs Yearning For Spring Training Games To Start

Over the years, teams that have gone on to win the World Series have had poor records during the spring and vice versa, so is winning important in exhibition play?

CBS Chicago–03/01/2012

Chris Sale

Schuster: Sale ‘More Comfortable’ In Starter Role

Unlike other pitchers who ease into throwing harder and harder as Spring Training develops, Chris Sale looks to be in mid-season form.

CBS Chicago–03/01/2012

Schuster: Jordan Danks Fighting To Play With Older Brother

John and Jordan Danks are brothers separated by three years but they look like twins. Jordan is the baby of the two even though he is a few inches taller and about 30 pounds heavier. But the faces are carbon copies and both have that same Texas drawl.

670 The Score–02/29/2012

Schuster: Rizzo Fun To Watch, But Likely To Start Season In Iowa

Rizzo was especially fun to watch as he put four straight over the wall including one over the 50-foot barrier in center that traveled an estimated 500 feet.

CBS Chicago–02/27/2012

Kenny Williams

Schuster: Williams Balances Winning Now, Rebuilding

All baseball executives are trying – or hoping – to win for now, but they also have to look at the future. The Cubs and White Sox are no different.

670 The Score–02/27/2012

Schuster: White Sox Need Bounce Back From Key Players

If the White Sox harbor any hopes for rebounding from a terrible season last year they will need bounce back years from Jake Peavy, Adam Dunn, Alex Rios and Gordon Beckham.


Tom Ricketts

Schuster: Ricketts Admits Cubs Have ‘New Energy’

Tom Ricketts usually makes himself available to the media one time during Spring Training, and that one time was Friday.

670 The Score–02/25/2012

Starlin Castro

Schuster: Castro Speaks, Doesn’t Address Sex Assault Allegations

It wasn’t exactly an interrogation, but reporters finally got a chance to speak with Starlin Castro Friday.

CBS Chicago–02/24/2012

Jake Peavy

Schuster: Peavy Aims For 30 Starts

In order for the White Sox to make any noise this upcoming season they will have to get major contributions from their starting pitching staff.

CBS Chicago–02/23/2012

Schuster: White Sox Have New Look Behind Ventura

One thing is for sure, it will be a lot quieter at White Sox camp this spring.

CBS Chicago–02/22/2012



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