David Schuster

I have been covering the local sports scene for the last 30 years and in that time have seen more games and events then anybody. I’ve been privileged to have covered 9 local championships (6 by the Bulls, and one each by the Bears, White Sox & Blackhawks). I have also covered 3 no hitters and one perfect game and had the honor of covering the best basketball player ever on a daily basis. Not only do I love reporting on sports but I equally enjoy participating (Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Tennis…etc.) You name it and I love it. I’m a huge movie goer who also likes to travel and I own a piece of a local minor league baseball team as well as a piece of a local restaurant.

David Schuster

David Schuster

Theo Epstein. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Schuster: Epstein Almost Giddy About Beginning Of Spring Training

Theo Epstein was almost giddy talking about the beginning of Spring Training. The Cubs President said this has been a long time coming.

CBS Chicago–02/18/2012

Marlon Byrd

Schuster: Notes On Byrd From Spring Training

Marlon Byrd filled up the reporter’s notebook on Saturday. The first thing you noticed seeing is that there is less of him…20 lbs to be exact.

CBS Chicago–02/18/2012

Tom Thibodeau and Derrick Rose

Schuster: Thibodeau Not Being Smart With Rose’s Injuries

Coach Tom Thibodeau has constantly stated that if a player says he can play he will. But there are times when a coach has to take control and say no.

CBS Chicago–02/13/2012

Luol Deng

Schuster: Deng Has Torn Ligament In Wrist, Won’t Have Surgery

The Bulls confirmed that Luol Deng did indeed suffer a torn ligament in his left wrist but Deng said he is opting not to have surgery.

CBS Chicago–01/24/2012

Tom Thibodeau

Schuster: Bulls Better Give Thibodeau A Contract Extension

What are the Bulls waiting for in signing Tom Thibodeau to a contract extension? Yes, he does have a year plus left on his current deal but if they don’t show him some love soon he could be gone at the end of that deal.

CBS Chicago–01/21/2012

Jonathan Toews #19 of the Chicago Blackhawks passes the puck between Marek Zidlicky #3 and Nick Schultz #55 of the Minnesota Wild at the United Center on January 12, 2012 in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)

Schuster: Jonathan Toews on pace for between 40-50 goals

Jimmy Hayes and Andrew Shaw have received a lot of praise lately (and rightly so) but Jonathan Toews has been consistent all season long.

CBS Chicago–01/18/2012

Richard Hamilton signs autographs at the United Center shortly after joining the Bulls. (Photo by Randy Belice/NBAE via Getty Images)

Schuster: Bulls Facing A Tough Schedule

The Bulls tonight begin a crazy schedule that calls for them to play 3 straight nights and 7 games over the next 9 days. Crazy? You bet. But all the NBA teams are facing nutty schedules like this due to the shortened season.

CBS Chicago–01/09/2012

Derrick Rose (Photo by Noah Graham/NBAE via Getty Images)

Schuster: Bulls Squeak Out Win Behind Rose, Depth

If you hadn’t seen the Bulls over the last season plus and just watched them the first 3 quarters Tuesday night you would have thought this was the worst team in the NBA.

CBS Chicago–01/03/2012

Daniel Carcillo. (Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images)

Schuster: Carcillo Costs His Team Big Time

Daniel Carcillo was acquired by the Blackhawks for his grit and rugged play but he went way overboard Monday night and it cost his team a victory.

CBS Chicago–01/02/2012

Julius Peppers chases Ryan Grant.  (Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)

Schuster: Bears Eliminated And Need Help For Next Year

The scene in the locker room after the game here at Lambeau Field wasn’t nearly as bad as I feared. I anticipated a lot of long faces and angry scowls on the Bears player’s faces but instead was met with resignation.

CBS Chicago–12/25/2011

Tom Thibodeau and Derrick Rose

Schuster: Bulls Provide Perfect Model For Stumbling Bears

It seems that the Bears and the Bulls have been trying to follow the same floor plan the last few years as far as building their teams.

CBS Chicago–12/22/2011

Derrick Rose

Schuster: Derrick Rose To Finally Sign New Contract

Derrick Rose has always said he doesn’t play basketball for the money but regradless, he is about to become a very rich man. Rose and the Bulls have put the finishing touches on a new 5 year deal that totals about $94 million. The first year of the contract will be for about $16 million and then escalate from there.

CBS Chicago–12/20/2011

Richard Hamilton signs autographs at the United Center shortly after joining the Bulls. (Photo by Randy Belice/NBAE via Getty Images)

Schuster: Hamilton To Start Against Pacers

Richard Hamilton will start in tonight’s preseason game against the Indiana Pacers, head coach Tom Thibodeau said Tuesday.

CBS Chicago–12/20/2011

Richard Hamilton. (Photo by J. Dennis Einstein/NBAE via Getty Images)

Schuster: Hamilton Expected To Be A Bull

Richard “Rip” Hamilton could be a member of the Bulls shortly. Hamilton has already been officially released by the Pistons and is in the process of going through waivers. If, or when, he passes through the waivers, the Bulls will be ready with a 2 year contract for the veteran shooting guard.

CBS Chicago–12/13/2011

Running back Marion Barber beats cornerback Jonathan Wilhite.  (Photo by Doug Pensinger/Getty Images)

Schuster: The Bears Blew This One In So Many Ways

It’s truly amazing how there is always two sides to a story. Out here in Denver the talk continues of “Tebowmania” Meanwhile back in Chicago the talk is pretty simple…The Bears blew this one BIG TIME.

CBS Chicago–12/11/2011

Jerry Angelo

Schuster: Angelo Denies Reports That He Will Retire At The End Of The Season

Jerry Angelo said he was “embarrassed” by the attention he was getting Sunday following reports that he would retire at season’s end. Angelo firmly denied those reports, “I don’t know where that came from but it’s not true. I’m not upset by it. Rather, I’m amused”.

CBS Chicago–12/11/2011

Chicago Bulls logo

Schuster: Rip Hamilton Could Be In A Bulls Uniform Soon

The Bulls have been chasing guard Rip Hamilton for almost 2 years and it looks like they will soon land him. Hamilton is in the process of being waived by the Detroit Pistons. Once that becomes official he would then have to pass through waivers which looks to be a formaility. Then the Bulls will sign him to a deal that sources are calling $10 million over 2 years.

CBS Chicago–12/10/2011

World Series Game 4: Chicago White Sox v Houston Astros

Schuster: So Long Mark Buehrle

With all the rumors coming into the Winter Meetings concerning the Cubs & White Sox, who would have thought the biggest story for Chicago was someone leaving it. The Cubs still make a minor, and I emphasize a minor, deal before they leave town while the Sox are done here.

CBS Chicago–12/07/2011

Jed Hoyer (Photo  by Darren McCollester/Getty Images)

Schuster: Cubs Quiet So Far But Could Be Closing In On Deals

Are the Cubs closing in some kind of deals? General Manager Jed Hoyer indicated that they are, “We’ve been real busy talking to teams and agents. It’s been really productive and hopefully that will leads to us getting some players before we leave these meetings”.

CBS Chicago–12/06/2011

Kenny Williams

Schuster: After Trade, Williams Uses Word ‘Rebuilding’

Williams said he doesn’t anticipate trading any other pitchers on his current roster although that could change if the right deal came along. Williams said he just hasn’t received back the players he is looking for.

CBS Chicago–12/06/2011