David Schuster

David Schuster is an on-air reporter, update anchor and part-time host for 670 The Score.

He’s been covering the local sports scene for more than 30 years. He’s been privileged to have covered 10 local championships (six by the Bulls, two by the Blackhawks and one each by the White Sox and Bears). Schuster’s also covered three no-hitters and one perfect game and had the honor of covering the best basketball player ever on a daily basis.

Not only does Schuster love reporting on sports but he equally enjoys participating, be it basketball, baseball, golf or tennis. He’s a huge movie goer who also likes to travel, and he owns a piece of a local minor league baseball team as well as a piece of a local restaurant.

David Schuster

Jerry Angelo

Schuster: Angelo Denies Reports That He Will Retire At The End Of The Season

Jerry Angelo said he was “embarrassed” by the attention he was getting Sunday following reports that he would retire at season’s end. Angelo firmly denied those reports, “I don’t know where that came from but it’s not true. I’m not upset by it. Rather, I’m amused”.

CBS Chicago–12/11/2011

Chicago Bulls logo

Schuster: Rip Hamilton Could Be In A Bulls Uniform Soon

The Bulls have been chasing guard Rip Hamilton for almost 2 years and it looks like they will soon land him. Hamilton is in the process of being waived by the Detroit Pistons. Once that becomes official he would then have to pass through waivers which looks to be a formaility. Then the Bulls will sign him to a deal that sources are calling $10 million over 2 years.

CBS Chicago–12/10/2011

Schuster: So Long Mark Buehrle

With all the rumors coming into the Winter Meetings concerning the Cubs & White Sox, who would have thought the biggest story for Chicago was someone leaving it. The Cubs still make a minor, and I emphasize a minor, deal before they leave town while the Sox are done here.

CBS Chicago–12/07/2011

Schuster: Cubs Quiet So Far But Could Be Closing In On Deals

Are the Cubs closing in some kind of deals? General Manager Jed Hoyer indicated that they are, “We’ve been real busy talking to teams and agents. It’s been really productive and hopefully that will leads to us getting some players before we leave these meetings”.

CBS Chicago–12/06/2011

Kenny Williams

Schuster: After Trade, Williams Uses Word ‘Rebuilding’

Williams said he doesn’t anticipate trading any other pitchers on his current roster although that could change if the right deal came along. Williams said he just hasn’t received back the players he is looking for.

CBS Chicago–12/06/2011

Albert Pujols

Schuster: Don’t Believe Everything You Read

A report this morning out of the St. Louis Post Dispatch said that the Cubs have made a qualifying offer to Albert Pujols. The Cubs themselves had “no comment” on the report, but let’s look at this realistically.

CBS Chicago–12/06/2011

Schuster: Cubs And Sox Are Quiet So Far

A lot of talk on day 1 at the Winter Meetings down here in Dallas but no action for either the Cubs or Sox….yet.

CBS Chicago–12/05/2011

Schuster: Santo Gets In, Minoso Has To Wait

The city of Chicago dominated the opening of baseball’s winter meetings. The first thing on MLB’s agenda was the announcement of the Veteran’s Committee on who was going into the Hall of Fame. The announcement came early in the morning with former Cub Ron Santo getting in while former Sox player Minnie Minoso fell short.

CBS Chicago–12/05/2011

Derrick Rose

Schuster: They’re back

To no ones surprise the first player to show up at the Bulls practice facility on Thursday was Derrick Rose. And to even less less surprise Rose said he’s ecstatic to be back and still blames himself for last season’s playoff loss to Miami.

CBS Chicago–12/01/2011

Schuster: Idiotic Play Calling Contributes To Bears Loss

You hate to pin a loss on one play but it would be easy if you want as the Bears lost to the Raiders 25-20 out here in Oakland.

CBS Chicago–11/27/2011

Schuster: Time Starts Now For Epstein And Co

Now, Epstein will work hard to get his new organization to the top of much more important categories. The Cubs President will now pretty much go underground as he tries to rebuild the franchise.

670 The Score–11/18/2011

Schuster: Looks Like It’s Sveum

From all appearances it looks like Dale Sveum will be the new Cub’s Manager. All indications point to that following a series of events from Wednesday.

CBS Chicago–11/17/2011

Kenny Williams

Schuster: A Lot Of News From GM Meetings

After sitting around the Phister Hotel up here in Milwaukee most of the day we finally got a chance to talk to the various General Managers. It actually was sort of funny because when they came into the ball room it was like feeding time at the zoo. We pounced on them and barely let them up for air.

CBS Chicago–11/15/2011

David Stern

Schuster: Will The NBA Return Next Week Or Are We Being Teased Again?

If any of you have followed me on the station, or Facebook or Twitter you know that I am a die hard hoops junkie. All levels of the sport are cool but the ultimate for me is the NBA and I have been going crazy without it during this prolonged lockout.

CBS Chicago–11/12/2011

Schuster: Cubs Should Hire Mike Maddux

Maddux came off incredibly impressive in his press conference with the media on Wednesday and I’m told he was just as impressive when interviewing with the Cubs’ brass.

CBS Chicago–11/09/2011

Schuster: Pete Mackanin was the lead off candidate

Pete Mackanin equated his interview with the Cubs brass like being put through a grinder. Mackinan, currently with the Phillies organization, said the interview reallys started over dinner on Thursday and continued through late afternoon Friday.

CBS Chicago–11/04/2011

Schuster: The Cubs Front Office Sure Looks And Sounds Impressive

One lesson my dad taught me at a young age was not to get over impressed by looks, but it’s hard not to be impressed by the Cubs new front office.

CBS Chicago–11/01/2011

Schuster: Epstein Wins Press Conference

There’s no doubt that Theo Epstein gives the Cubs their best chance for winning in a long time…like say a century.

CBS Chicago–10/25/2011

Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita

Schuster: Hull & Mikita In Bronze Forever

Bobby Hull and Stan Mikita met over 50 years ago and have remained close all these years. And with the unveiling of their statues Saturday night they will remain side by side for eternity…in bronze

CBS Chicago–10/22/2011

Schuster: I Want (and Need) The NBA

For weeks I continued to say that the NBA would start on time. All my peers said I was crazy but I stuck to my guns thinking the two sides would work it out. Boy was I wrong.

CBS Chicago–10/11/2011



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