George Ofman

george ofman 2 George OfmanGeorge Ofman has been at this for over 43 years. Starting at Southern Illinois University in 1974 through his years as a freelance reporter, to anchoring for several Chicago radio stations and hosting a popular baseball show, George has had the pleasure of being part of some memorable sporting events.

Most recently, he had the extraordinary delight of live reporting the Cubs first pennant in 71 years and the World Series at Wrigley Field for WBBM Newsradio. And gliding above millions, George reported on the Cubs victory parade and rally from the station’s helicopter unit. He was also reporting from Atlanta in 2003 when the Cubs won their first playoff series since 1945.

George covered the Bulls during their six championship runs; reported in Houston where the White Sox won the World Series; and in Philadelphia and at the United Center where the Blackhawks captured Stanley Cups. He also covered NCAA final fours, witnessed Pete Rose tie the major league hits record at Wrigley Field and saw Cigar win his record 16th straight race at Arlington Park.

George spent 17 years at WSCR “The Score” where he was the station’s principle anchor when it premiered in 1992. He also spent three years on the baseball beat and co-hosted “Hit and Run,” the popular Sunday baseball show he helped create for five years.

George also spent three years at WMAQ All News and did a stint at WGN Radio. As an accomplished journalist, George also wrote and produced hundreds of stories for National Public Radio’s Morning Edition and All Things Considered, CBC Radio and the BBC.

George is the proud recipient of several AP Best Sports Report awards, a Silver Dome award, an A.I.R award for broadcast journalism and the Personality of the Year award from the Pitch and Hit Club. And he’s extremely proud to be a member of WBBM Newsradio 780, “The best news shop in the country.”

George always reminds everyone he knows, he’s the only person ever to see both the highest scoring games in NBA and NHL history. He’s still waiting for a call from the Guinness Book of World Records.

Ofman: What Really Is TWTW?

Like it or not, sabermetrics are here to stay and likely to be amended, and often. I would like to suggest the Hawk takes some time to understand it. Give it chance. Use it from time to time.

CBS Chicago–04/29/2013

That’s All She Wrote: Phil Emery Better Be Right

It’s a playoff game and I’m wondering how a team misses 25-of-26 shots and then I see Brooklyn scrawled on the jersey.


Ofman: Cubs’ Rebuild Going Nowhere Until Pitching Is Addressed

If pitching is the name of the game, Theo and the boys need to buy into it.

CBS Chicago–04/23/2013

That’s All She Wrote: The Bears Will Finish 8-8, Right?

The strength of the Bears schedule is 16th. That translates into 8-8, right?

CBS Chicago–04/19/2013

Ofman: Baseball Needs To Make Up Its Mind On The DH

I love baseball. My affair with the game goes back over 50 years when I was child emulating longtime broadcaster Jack Brickhouse on the gravel field of Hibbard Elementary School in Albany Park.

CBS Chicago–04/17/2013

That’s All She Wrote: A Goat’s Head? Seriously?

A goat’s head? Seriously?


Ofman: Rose Should Not Come Back This Season

If you want to play alongside Daequan Cook, Malcolm Thomas, Vladimir Radmanovic and Marquis Teague, be my guest. Please contact your insurance agent first, or at least your brother Reggie.

CBS Chicago–04/10/2013

Carlos Marmol

That’s All She Wrote: Wait, Marmol Got A Save?

By George Ofman- (CBS) I can’t believe it. Carlos Marmol got a save. Of course, several Cubs fans suffered heart attacks while others jumped out basement windows. So let’s set the numbers: two games, 1.1 innings, two runs, three hits, one walk and one hit batter. And Dale Sveum insists nothing has changed: he’s still […]

CBS Chicago–04/05/2013

Ofman: Little Brings Optimism With Chicago Baseball

Does anyone really think the Sox will be playing meaningful games in October and the Cubs, meaningful games in June?

CBS Chicago–03/25/2013

Manti Te'o

Ofman: Te’o Should Not Be Urlacher’s Replacement

Wow, would this be a mistake.

CBS Chicago–03/21/2013

Alderman’s Proposal Would Change Face Of Wrigley Field

There’s a new wrinkle in the Cubs’ attempt to find new revenue at Wrigley, and it could change the look of the friendly confines forever, reports WBBM’s George Offman.


Ofman: Leave My NCAA Tournament Alone

People who never saw a single minute of a single game fill out a bracket sheet even if they use darts, consult a tarot card reader or go with school colors.

CBS Chicago–03/19/2013

Ofman: The Real Rose Rehab

Everyone is offering an opinion on Derrick Rose. It wouldn’t shock me if Jack Nicholson or the Dali Lama penned a thought on the Bulls fragile franchise star.


Ofman: Some Records Aren’t Meant To Be Broken

The old saying is “records are meant to be broken.” Some simply aren’t.


Ofman: What’s Really Behind The Blackhawks’ Streak?

And I thought God was a Cubs fan.


Ofman: Gap Widening Between Bulls And Heat

Can the Bulls salvage a first-round playoff victory? Maybe. But it’s not about this year or next.

CBS Chicago–03/01/2013

Ofman: Optimistic Cubs Fans Need A Reality Check

Slow down. Calm yourself. Take a pill or adopt a billy goat as a pet. But please, please stop thinking the Cubs will win 90 games. They won’t win 80 and might be lucky to get past 70.

WBBM Newsradio–02/25/2013

Adam Dunn

Ofman: PECOTA Likely Wrong About Cubs, Sox Predictions

I have an important question to ask: Who is Pecota or is that PECOTA?

CBS Chicago–02/15/2013

Ofman: Why Spring Training Is Better Than NFL Training Camp

The baseball season is here, resplendent in its yearly arrival just after the Superbowl put the final exclamation point on its season despite the big game blowing a big fuse.

CBS Chicago–02/12/2013

Ofman: I Really Want To Believe Ryan Braun

Bosch is a scumbag, a bad guy with a very sketchy past. Braun is a citizen, rookie of the year, MVP. He’s the real deal, right?

WBBM Newsradio–02/07/2013



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