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john dodge bio photo small for wp bio John DodgeJohn Dodge is the Executive Producer of CBS Chicago’s website. (You are here now! Thanks for joining us.)

Mr. Dodge has been a journalist a good long while, long enough to be called a “veteran.”

Before arriving at CBS, Mr. Dodge held various editorial positions at the Chicago Sun-Times.

He likes to write about things that he finds interesting.

He hopes you feel the same way.

He also likes Twitter: @dodgerman

Come and play with him, but play nice.

South Michigan Avenue looking north near the Art Institute in the 1950s, according to a photo posted by @Chicago_History on Twitter. (Credit: Twitter)

Chicago’s South Michigan Avenue–Then And Now

The view looking north on South Michigan Avenue has changed dramatically over the past 60 years. And some things have remained the same.


Richard Dobeski (Credit: Indiana Department of Corrections)

Freed Killer, Child Molester Richard Dobeski Arrested At Indy Library

Convicted murderer and child molester Richard Dobeski was arrested at the Indianapolis Central Library on Thursday.


Donald Trump speaks to reporters after a speech for the City Club of Chicago. (Credit: CBS)

Not The Real Donald Trump Insults Famous Chicagoans

In real life, Donald Trump spares nobody.


(Credit: Kickstarter)

Apollo 11: What Ever Happened To Neil Armstrong’s Spacesuit?

Every third week in July, Americans of a certain vintage tend to have a similar conversation.


(Credit: Target)

Target ‘Trophy’ T-Shirt Draws Protest Against Retailer

Target has become a target from people who say a t-shirt sold by the retailer objectifies women and “encourages a rape culture.”


North Avenue Beach

In Chicago, ‘Picture Perfect’ Weather Days Are Rare

By most reasonable measures, the weather on Thursday morning could be described as “picture perfect.”


Blue Marble Apollo 17

Classic ‘Blue Marble’ Image Of Earth Gets An Update

The image is iconic, timeless.


Illinois conservation police shot and killed a cougar in November, 2013 (Credit: IDNR)

Is There A Lion On The Loose In Milwaukee?

Police in Milwaukee are investigating a report of a lion on the loose on the north side of town.


(Credit: Northwestern University)

The Best Universities In The World: U. of C. Ranks No. 8

The University of Chicago ranks No. 8 among universities in the world, according to an analysis by the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR).


(Credit: Amazon)

Amazon Launches Same-Day Delivery In Chicago

If next-day delivery isn’t fast enough for you, Amazon is now offering delivery of certain items within an hour or two.


(Credit: AP)

Dang, Chicagoans Swear … A Lot

Gosh, folks around here do like their foul language.


Green Wedding (Photo Credit: Thinkstock)

It’s Better To Wait Before Marriage, But Not Too Long, Study Finds

The conventional wisdom has long held that taking some time before plunging into marriage reduces the risk of divorce.


Valentine's Day Date Ideas - Play Video Games

Study: Violent Video Games Make Players More Hostile

Players who enjoy violent video games are more likely to feel threatened in everyday encounters and react in aggressive ways.


Benton, Illinois. (Credit: Google Maps)

The Worst Towns In Illinois

First, let’s dispense with the good news: Generally, the worst towns in Illinois are far away from Chicago.


(Photo by Atsushi Tomura/Getty Images)

Study: Smart Phones Accurately Detect Depression

To determine symptoms of depression, doctors may only need to look no further than a patient’s smart phone.


The New Horizons spacecraft sent back this stunning image of Pluto. (Credit: NASA)

A Love Note From Space: Pluto Like You Have Never Seen It Before

Culminating a nearly 10 year, three billion mile journey, earthlings on Tuesday were treated to the most detailed images of Pluto since the dwarf planet was discovered 85 years ago.


(Credit: Reddit)

Reddit Upheaval Leads To Shutdown Of Popular Chicago Site

A popular local Internet site has gone dark, at least for the time being.


Tickets to the three Grateful Dead concerts at Soldier Field are sold out. (Credit: CBS)

Dead Heads Send Hotel Rates Soaring In Chicago For July 4

The average rate for a hotel in the City Of Chicago is a whopping 77 percent higher for the July 4th holiday, compared with last year.


(Photo by Scott Olson/Getty Images)

Chicago Issues Beach Hazard Advisory

Chicago’s Lake Michigan beach visitors are being told to stay out of the water.