Julie DiCaro

Julie DiCaro

Julie DiCaro is a weekend host, update anchor for 670 The Score and a columnist for CBSChicago.com.

She studied journalism and French at Indiana University before getting her JD at DePaul’s College of Law. After 15 years of slogging away in the trenches of criminal and family court she escaped into the world of her first love, giving her opinions on Chicago sports to a captive audience. A Cubs blogger since 2007, Julie has written for such outlets as Deadspin, Red Eye and Huffington Post. Don’t try to make her feel bad about her love for soccer or professional wrestling, because it won’t work. Oh yeah, and she really hates red peppers. You can follow her on Twitter @Julie DiCaro.

DiCaro: When It Comes To Domestic Violence Counseling, MLB Still Has A Ways To Go

More transparency regarding player counseling as well as taking more care with the language would be helpful in creating change.

CBS Chicago–04/10/2017

DiCaro: U.S. Women’s Hockey Team Is Fighting For Your Daughter

Seeking livable wages and more investment at youth levels, the women’s hockey team is on the verge of a boycott of the World Championships.

CBS Chicago–03/27/2017

DiCaro: An Open Letter To Indiana AD Fred Glass Regarding Steve Alford

Until Alford truly grasps the errors of his past, this alumna believes he has no place in Bloomington.

CBS Chicago–03/22/2017

DiCaro: Given Chance To Speak Out, Roger Goodell Chooses Silence

Goodell missed an opportunity for the NFL to stand up for its own.

CBS Chicago–02/02/2017

DiCaro: Confirmation Of Betsy DeVos Could Lead To More Baylors

Secretary of Education nominee DeVos has financially supported a group that wants to heighten the standard of proof that victims of alleged sexual assault have to establish.

CBS Chicago–01/30/2017

DiCaro: Cam Newton Is The Poster Boy For The NFL’s Concussion Problem

Want fans to feel better about watching the NFL? Give us a reason to feel like we aren’t helping hasten our favorite players to an early grave.

CBS Chicago–12/20/2016

DiCaro: U.S. Soccer’s Elitism Problem

Here’s why the U.S. Soccer program has struggled to compete worldwide.

CBS Chicago–11/22/2016

DiCaro: What Do They Make Of Kyle Schwarber In Heaven?

The Cubs’ trip to the World Series reminds us of the ones near and dear to our hearts, who birthed our fandom.

CBS Chicago–10/28/2016

DiCaro: The Lingering Damage Of The Derrick Rose Trial

In reacting to a verdict, we miss the bigger, more important picture and conversation.

CBS Chicago–10/21/2016

DiCaro: A Cubs Fan’s Guide To Surviving The NLDS

Pro tips: Don’t worry about 1989, the national media or curses.

CBS Chicago–10/07/2016

DiCaro: Hey MLB, Stop Hazing Men By Dressing Them Up As Women

Making women the butt of an annual rookie hazing joke is degrading and shortsighted in the goal of attracting more female fans.

CBS Chicago–10/04/2016

DiCaro: Criminal Investigation Could Greatly Affect Derrick Rose Case

There are more and more reasons for the Rose civil lawsuit to be settled.

CBS Chicago–09/26/2016

DiCaro: Dear White America, It’s Not On Colin Kaepernick To Solve Racial Inequality

This is no time to move the goalposts. It’s a time to listen and move forward.

CBS Chicago–09/23/2016

DiCaro: The Derrick Rose Rape Case & The Importance Of Anonymity

A judge has ruled Rose’s accuser can’t remain anonymous, which could change the equation.

CBS Chicago–09/21/2016

DiCaro: Stop Running On The Field, Jerks

The players don’t want fans invading their work space, and nothing good can come of this.

CBS Chicago–04/28/2016

DiCaro: Assessing Your Emotions Regarding The 2016 Cubs

These Cubs command that you enjoy every single moment along the way.

CBS Chicago–04/04/2016

DiCaro: The NHL’s Problem With Women

What women want is to feel that the league and their team values them as much as their male counterparts.

CBS Chicago–03/22/2016

DiCaro: Will Erin Andrews Ever See $55 Million?

Much still has to play out, but a strong message was sent with this verdict.

CBS Chicago–03/08/2016

DiCaro: Erin Andrews & The Devaluing Of Women In Sports Media

By and large, women still aren’t valued in sports media beyond their physical appeal.

CBS Chicago–03/02/2016

DiCaro: Where Are The Women In The Peyton Manning Discussion?

There are too many scorching hot takes without a balanced discussion here.

CBS Chicago–02/18/2016


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