Julie DiCaro

Julie DiCaro

Julie DiCaro is a weekend host, update anchor for 670 The Score and a columnist for CBSChicago.com.

She studied journalism and French at Indiana University before getting her JD at DePaul’s College of Law. After 15 years of slogging away in the trenches of criminal and family court she escaped into the world of her first love, giving her opinions on Chicago sports to a captive audience. A Cubs blogger since 2007, Julie has written for such outlets as Deadspin, Red Eye and Huffington Post. Don’t try to make her feel bad about her love for soccer or professional wrestling, because it won’t work. Oh yeah, and she really hates red peppers. You can follow her on Twitter @Julie DiCaro.

DiCaro: Players Get It Wrong (Again) Regarding Johnny Manziel, Cam Newton

What’s up with the criticism of minor, harmless misdeeds while looking the other way on serious transgressions?

CBS Chicago–02/08/2016

DiCaro: 5 Takeaways From Cubs Convention

Every single member of the Cubs organization believes this team can win the World Series this year, a feeling both elating and terrifying for the fan base.

CBS Chicago–01/19/2016

DiCaro: Brandon Marshall, Always The Victim

It’s always someone else’s fault in Marshall’s mind.

CBS Chicago–01/05/2016

DiCaro: On Horse Twitter, American Pharoah & Serena Williams

Yes, Horse Twitter exits. We found that out Monday.

CBS Chicago–12/15/2015

DiCaro: Dusty Baker Doesn’t Get It (Again)

Baker’s comments on Aroldis Chapman encapsulate the big problem with allegations of violence against women by pro athletes.

CBS Chicago–12/09/2015

DiCaro: In Chicago, Only Some Black Lives Matter

What do you stand for, Chicago?

CBS Chicago–11/25/2015

DiCaro: A Cubs Fan’s Guide To NLCS Survival — And Beyond

Stressed? Spend time with those you love — like Kris Bryant and Kyle Schwarber.

CBS Chicago–10/16/2015

DiCaro: The Blackhawks’ Awful, Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Day

The distraction continues for the Blackhawks after nothing was answered regarding Patrick Kane on Thursday.

CBS Chicago–09/17/2015

DiCaro: Insight Into How Civil Cases Like Derrick Rose’s Move Forward

It’s likely that Rose will never have to appear in court, as most civil cases don’t go to trial.

CBS Chicago–08/27/2015

DiCaro: The NFL’s Problem With Women

Recently, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers managed to insult female football fans everywhere, and this time it had nothing to do with Jameis Winston.

CBS Chicago–08/10/2015

DiCaro: How NOT To Talk About The Patrick Kane Rape Allegations

Don’t be part of the problem, and don’t make up facts.

CBS Chicago–08/10/2015

DiCaro: Royals Voting Mania A Good Excuse For All-Star Game Reform

It’s time to overhaul the MLB All-Star Game voting procedures and tweak other rules.

CBS Chicago–06/17/2015

DiCaro: 5 Questions About The FIFA Scandal, Answered

Why now? And why is America playing a leading role? Julie DiCaro explains.

CBS Chicago–05/29/2015

DiCaro: Bears Responsible For Message They Sent To Ray McDonald, Other Players

The Bears sent a message that they stand firmly behind whatever stories their players choose to tell them.

CBS Chicago–05/25/2015

DiCaro: The Trouble With Frank Clark’s Absolution

The Seahawks’ “investigation” of Clark sets a dangerous precedent.

CBS Chicago–05/07/2015

DiCaro: The Disgusting Media Whitewashing Of Floyd Mayweather

Why is Mayweather getting a free pass during these times of heightened domestic violence awareness?

CBS Chicago–04/24/2015

DiCaro: 5 Things The Cubs Are Doing Better Than In 2014

The Chicago offense is humming.

CBS Chicago–04/23/2015

DiCaro: Advice For White Sox Fans Ahead Of Carlos Rodon’s Debut

What can White Sox fans can expect when the club’s top prospect debuts?

CBS Chicago–04/20/2015

DiCaro: Kris Bryant’s A Different Breed Of Player, As Cubs Fans Will Discover

Cubs fans are understandably amped to see Bryant start his MLB career.

CBS Chicago–04/17/2015

DiCaro: 8 Chicago Players Who Need New Walk-Up Music

The top players of the Cubs and White Sox need to have fearsome walk-up music.

CBS Chicago–04/16/2015



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