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  1. Andy Kolarczyk says:

    Mr. Walter,

    In your opinion, is there a realistic chance that the dollar could be replaced as the reserve currency?

    Thank you

    Andy K

  2. Robert Norwich says:

    I listen to you evey morning right around 5 minutes to 7:00am. Everyday you tell us that the price of oil is up or down, that is the West texas. So the price of a barelll of oil is around $100. Big deal. Please advise your listeners that the brent sea crude oil is the one that make our gas prices jump up and down. Eveyone needs to know that. Please explain to your listeners the difference between the two. When prices of the WTexas his $75 a barrell people were wondering why the price was not going down., Right now brent crude is around $117 a barrell. Two months ago it was around $100 a barrell, and gas was around $3.25. I would like for you to differentiate these two prices and would appreciate you reporting the brent crude price. Keep up the good work !!

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