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  1. Clyde Simpson says:

    Sad to say, the 1967 Indiana Team was the first Big Ten Championship Team I remember. I thought they were a regular juggernaut. I think they had Harry Gonzo at QB, and John Eisenbarger at RB.

  2. Tim Lang says:


    You were wrong on the GoalPosts today.
    You were rude and completely incorect.
    The Base of support is on the end line – the goal post is an extension from the end line to the goal line.
    You owe your caller an apology. You completely dismissed him, and thought that he could not have seen the goal post on the goal line (where he sits during games).
    Wow, I could not believe that a ball placed on the 40 yard line with the 7 yards for the snap and hole is a 57 yard field goal – Where did you get your math training?
    Wrong, Wrong, Wrong.

    ALso, Favre is from Mississippi not Louisiana.

    1. Matt says:

      Is this guy serious?! A ball at the 40 yard line IS a 57 yard field goal!! 7 yards for the snap and 10 yards of the end zone. The goal post is even with the back line of the end zone!! Also who cares where Favre is from!

  3. Jon, Montgomery says:

    i wish you hadn’t banned me grobber, i don’t know what i did to offend you.

    please forgive me :( i’d really like to start texting you again.

  4. Frank says:

    Les I have some cool stuff I’ve run across while reading.

  5. Frank says:

    The 1906 Cubs were 116 and 36. The lost the World Series to the “Hitless Wonders”, the White Sox , 93-58, whose team batting average was .228! Both Teams were in the Series for the first time. Sox won 4 games to 2.

    Also, who was 122 and 9 at the United Center? !!

    And finally, a comment. Are we gonna be like the ’72 Dolphins and drink champagne in public on TV whenever an NBA team loses more than 10 games like the record setting 95-96 Bulls? Ha ha, thought you’d like that one.

  6. Frank says:

    Make that the ’72 Dullphins

  7. Paul says:


    just a correction from a show the other night. Your were insisting that Zell made Henry get the Soriano deal done. If I am nnot mistaken Soriano was pushed by the 2006 Cub president in the fall and Zell bought Tribune sometime in the spring of 20007 after Soriano was signed.
    thanks Paul

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