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Les Grobstein is host of the “Overnights at The Score” show that typically runs from midnight to 5 a.m.

Grobstein has lived, gone to school (Von Stueben, ’69 and Columbia College, ’73) and worked in Chicago his entire life, for various outlets and platforms.

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GROBBER—Nov 3,2011

  GROBBER—Nov 3,2011   ==================   ***No shock in that Theo Epstein wasted little time after Tuesday’s news conference to dismiss Mike Quade as Manager. Quade will not be retained in the Cub organization. He has one year left on his contract.   ***Ryne Sandberg is NOT a candidate to replace Quade. He was informed […]


GROBBER—Nove 2,2011

  GROBBER—Nove 2,2011   ===================   ***So what did you think of the Cubs News Conference in which Theo Epstein jamed Jed Hoyer as general manager, and Jason McLeod as Assistant GM. Did you get the impression that it was nothing more than a ‘Love Fest’? Other than Epstein saying that the statis of Manager […]

670 The Score–11/02/2011

GROBBER—Nov 1,2011

GROBBER—Nov 1,2011 ================== ***I don’t have any idea what the Cubs will announce today when they introduce a new General Manager and Asst GM at 3pm(The Score will carry that News Conference live),but I am hoping that this brand new Theo Epstein group will NOT listen to the Cubs Marketing Department or even to their […]

670 The Score–11/01/2011

GROBBER—Oct 27,2011

GROBBER—Oct 27,2011 =================== ***They likely could have played game six of the World Series last night in St.Louis,but Bud Selig didn’t want to take a chance and have both the Rangers and Cardinals to lose their starting pitchers due to a rain shortened contest.The Rangers should get their chance to try and clinch their first […]

670 The Score–10/27/2011

GROBBER—Oct 25,2011

GROBBER—Oct 25,2011 =================== ***Is it me,or are there more crummy NFL games this season than in recent memory? That Jacksonville 12-7 win over Baltimore was horrible Monday night. The Jaguars won by kicking four field goals. They never reached the end zone. ***No the Bears are back Stateside and have this week off. Then a […]

670 The Score–10/25/2011

***Les Grobstein 10/24/2011***

Other than this years game being for real, other differences from 25 years ago included the English Fans understanding the NFL game more than they did then, and the Bears spent an entire week in England then as

670 The Score–10/24/2011

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Les Grobstein Show – 10/21/11 *NFL PICKS*

Les’ picks! Take a gander…but dont bank on them!

670 The Score–10/21/2011

Bud Selig

Les Grobstein Show – 10/20/11 *UPDATE*

Bud Selig, World Series Game 1, Bears traveling to London. Lots to talk about and read about in tonight’s blog by Les.

670 The Score–10/20/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 10/19/11

Cutler/Martz/Harris drama! Wow…click and read Les.

670 The Score–10/19/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 10/17/11 *MONDAY RANTS*

Bears win. Cards are in. Click to read Les’ thoughts!

670 The Score–10/16/2011

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Les Grobstein Show – 10/14/11 *UPDATE*

Time for week 6 NFL picks! Click to look and Les’ picks.

670 The Score–10/14/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 10/13/11 *UPDATE*

GROBBER—Wed Oct 12 =================== ***OK, so Theo Epstein is coming to the Cubs as(GM,President?)and that’s great! Now,Cub Fans must hope that the organizaion gives Epstein the power to run the Baseball operations without interference from folks like Crane Kenny.   ***How about Manager? Mike Quade has a year remaining on the contract Jim Hendry gave […]

670 The Score–10/13/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 10/12/11 *UPDATE*

Robin Ventura and Theo Epstein?! It’s football season isn’t it? Not in Chicago right now. Les writes about it.

670 The Score–10/12/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 10/11/11 *UPDATE*

The Bears lose….ohh it was bad. Les rants about it in this blog. Click to read!

670 The Score–10/11/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 10/07/11 *FRIDAY THOUGHTS & WEEK 5 NFL PICKS*

Robin Ventura and Week 5 NFL picks. Check, check, check it out!

670 The Score–10/07/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 10/06/11 *UPDATE*

Calvin Johnson – the Bears worst enemy? We will see on Monday night. What does Les think?

670 The Score–10/06/2011

Les Grobstein 10/3/2011

Speaking of Hester,Marian Barber and others, the back flips those two did Sunday need to be stopped at once! And don’t give me this NFL(No Fun League)crap!

670 The Score–10/03/2011

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Les Grobstein Show – 9/30/11 *LES PICKS NFL WEEK 4*

Les makes his picks! Week 4 starts Sunday. Follow at your own risk.

670 The Score–09/30/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 9/29/11 *UPDATE*

MLB Playoffs are set. It was crazy and Les comments. Click to read.

670 The Score–09/29/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 9/27/11 *UPDATE*

Ozzie Guillen is gone. Les was one of the first reporters in this city to interview Guillen and his blog says goodbye in a fine way. Click to listen!

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