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Les Grobstein is host of the “Overnights at The Score” show that typically runs from midnight to 5 a.m.

Grobstein has lived, gone to school (Von Stueben, ’69 and Columbia College, ’73) and worked in Chicago his entire life, for various outlets and platforms.

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Les Grobstein Show – 9/25/11 *MONDAY’S RANTS*

Bears lose to Packers. Les is angry as always about the Bears losing. Click to read why.

670 The Score–09/25/2011

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Les Grobstein Show – 9/23/11 *NFL PICKS*

Les’ week 3 picks are in! Click to get them and maybe use them? Up to you!

670 The Score–09/23/2011

Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers

Les Grobstein Show – 9/22/11 *UPDATE*

How big is the Bears vs Packers rivalry in the NFL? How about in all of sports?! Click here to read Les’ major opinion on it!

670 The Score–09/22/2011

Les Grobstein – 9/21/11 *UPDATE*

Aramis Ramirez says he’s out as a Cub, and the Sox split a double header in CLeveland. Ozzie and Adam Dunn talk and Les comments. Click to read.

670 The Score–09/21/2011

Mike Martz

Les Grobstein Show – 9/20/11 *UPDATE*

Lovie Smith vocally disagreed with the run/pass ratio on Sunday. Les is writing about it! Click to listen!

670 The Score–09/20/2011

Les Grobstein Show 9/19/11

***The Saints Fans showed what kind of idiots some of them are by cheering when Bennett was laying on the ground hurt in the first half.

670 The Score–09/19/2011

Les Grobstein Show 9/16/11 UPDATE

NFL picks for week two.

670 The Score–09/16/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 9/15/11 *UPDATE*

Les talks about the Sox being all but eliminated, and the sad news of Brian Urlacher’s mom passing.

670 The Score–09/15/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 9/14/11 *UPDATE*

Brian Urlacher’s status for Sunday is in doubt? Click to read more from Les!

670 The Score–09/14/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 9/13/11 *UPDATE*

Wow the Sox are pretty much done, and the Cubs just keep winning playing good ball. Patrick Sharp had an emergency surgery. Click for more!

670 The Score–09/13/2011


GROBBER’S MONDAY RANTS—Sept 12,2011 ================================== ***The game of Football paid a nice tribute to the victims of the September 11,2001 attacks on the World Trade Center,Pentagon and the flight that went down in Pennsylvania ten […]

670 The Score–09/11/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 9/9/11 *FRIDAY THOUGHTS* NFL PICKS

Les makes his NFL picks for 2011-12! Click to enjoy!

670 The Score–09/09/2011

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Les Grobstein Show – 9/7/11 *WEEK 1 PICKS*

Les makes his week 1 picks! Click to read them…take them very seriously if you want!

670 The Score–09/08/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 9/6/11 *UPDATE*

The ALMOST perfect game isn’t getting Les too excited about the Sox chances, but Ozzie possibly leaving is. Click to ready why!

670 The Score–09/06/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 9/2/11 *FRIDAY THOUGHTS*

Bears season can start! Les is talking about it! Also the Sox and Tigers begin their series. Big one for Les. Click to read!

670 The Score–09/02/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 9/1/11 *UPDATE*

The Sox suffered a tough loss. The Tigers grabbed a great come from behind win. The Bears play tonight in what Les thinks is a meaningless game. Click to read about all this!

670 The Score–09/01/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 8/30/11 *UPDATE*

The Cubs and Sox each have shutouts, and the Bears begin the end of their preseason battles on Thursday! Also, Cedric Benson in jail, but there is an interesting take on that situation. Les has it all.

670 The Score–08/30/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 8/26/11 *FRIDAY THOUGHTS*

Grobber releases his choice for the next Cubs GM! Click to see who!

670 The Score–08/26/2011

Chicago White Sox vs. Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

Les Grobstein Show – 8/25/11 *UPDATE*

The Sox failed to take advantage of an opportunity to pick up a game! Les tells us about that.

670 The Score–08/25/2011

Les Grobstein Show – 8/24/11 *UPDATE*

Sox lose late, Cubs lose and Castro is back. Doug and OB are BACK and Les is firing on all points. Click to read!

670 The Score–08/24/2011



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