Marissa Bailey

bailey 2016 Marissa BaileyMarissa Bailey is the weekend anchor of the CBS 2 Chicago morning newscasts and a general assignment reporter for the station.

Marissa joined the station in March 2012 as a reporter and was promoted to anchor the station’s Saturday and Sunday morning newscasts which began in September 2012.

Marissa comes to CBS 2 Chicago from WGRZ-TV in Buffalo, N.Y., where she had been the solo anchor for the 10 p.m. myTV network broadcasts and a general assignment reporter for the 11 p.m. newscasts since 2006.

Marissa, who was nominated for a New York State Regional Emmy in 2011, is also credited with launching the station’s first Sunday newscast – Daybreak Sunday – in January 2008 where she was the single anchor of a 6:30 a.m.-8 a.m. weekend broadcast which featured hard news, live interviews and extended special coverage of weekend news

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Marissa earned a MS in Broadcast Journalism from Syracuse University in 2006 and a BA in Communications from Niagara University in 2003. She earned her first on-air job while in graduate school when she served as the Washington D.C. correspondent for KOLR 10 News based in Springfield, Mo., in 2006.

Marissa lives in downtown Chicago.

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Zika Virus A Growing Concern For Overseas Travelers

CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey talked to a Chicago travel agent whose phones are ringing off the hook.


Powerball (CBS)

Expert Says Powerball Office Pools Good For Workplace Camaraderie

Many of the people buying Powerball tickets for the record $1.5 billion jackpot are taking part in office pools. CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey reports they are hoping today was their last day of work.



White House Embracing Digital Platforms For State Of The Union Address

CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey reports in his final State of the Union address, President Obama is taking it up a notch when it comes to social media. The White House is now on a platform called “genius” with the goal to reach Americans of all ages.


(Credit: CBS)

Sign For New River North Building Boasts “Attractive Residents”

There is no shortage of new construction in Chicago’s River North neighborhood, but one new high-rise seems to be particularly pickier than the others.


(Credit: Glambot)

Online Company Sells Used Cosmetics For A Discount, But Is There A Health Risk?

CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey reports the website Glambot buys specific high-end brands for people who want to sell their makeup and then sells them for a discount.


(Credit: CBS)

Can Taking A Pill Make You Smarter?

CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey reports some people think they’ve found it.


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Online Shaming Websites Could Have Devastating Consequences

(CBS) — It’s called public shaming and it’s the online way to get even. Mad at someone? Now you can find an online website to complain about them. But be careful, the consequences could be […]


(Credit: CBS)

Health Officials Report Shortage In FluMist

CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey explains why the flu mist may not be available for a while.



Vomit, Dirty Diapers Among Complaints By Grossed-Out Air Travelers

What’s not being done before takeoff that could make you sick, CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey reports.


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Patrick Kane May Not Be Totally In The Clear, Even If Charges Do Not Materialize: Experts

It’s good news, bad news, potentially, for Kane, following a published report that a New York prosecutor is likely dropping a rape case.

CBS Chicago–11/02/2015

Photo Of Mammography Room (Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

Some Breast Cancer Survivors Skeptical About Revised Mammogram Guidelines

The American Cancer Society changed mammogram guidelines yesterday for the first time in 12 years.


Photo Of Mammography Room (Andreas Rentz/Getty Images)

American Cancer Society Revises Mammogram Recommendations

For the first time in 12 years the American Cancer Society updated mammogram guidelines and the changes are a bit surprising.


Cubs fans celebrate outside Wrigley Field. (CBS Chicago)

Wrigleyville Prepares For Game 3 Of NLCS

No one in Wrigleyville is thinking about Cubs’ losses in the first two games of the NLCS, as it’s all about Game 3 back at Wrigley Field.

CBS Chicago–10/19/2015

A young Cubs fan named Isaiah wearing his autographed hat. (Credit: CBS)

Cubs Down 0-2, But One Young Autograph-Seeker Is All Smiles

This Cubs-Mets series brings out the kid in all of us.

CBS Chicago–10/19/2015

Blackhawks captain Jonathan Toews walks the red carpet. (Credit Chicago.)

Blackhawks Roll Out Red Carpet For Season Opener

Jonathan Toews, Patrick Kane, Duncan Keith and all the guys walked the long red carpet to enter the United Center.

CBS Chicago–10/07/2015

Flibanserin. (Credit: CBS)

Recently Approved Women’s Libido Drug Not For Everyone, Doctors Say

A little pink pill could change the sex lives of millions of women. On Tuesday, the FDA approved Flibanserin, created to help increase a woman’s libido.


Hoist Liftruck is leaving Chicago for Indiana. (CBS)

For One Chicago Business, Illinois Became Too Inhospitable

Hoist Liftruck is moving to Indiana. CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey explains why.


Racing pigeons in  Andy Szflarski’s backyard coop. (Credit: CBS)

Oak Lawn Racing Pigeon Blown Off Course By Storm Nursed Back To Health By Indiana Family

(CBS) — You think a marathon sounds hard? Try a 200 mile race in a raging thunderstorm. It’s easy to understand how an Oak Lawn racing pigeon named #7 was blown off course. He was […]


Chicago police try out their new bikes. (Credit: CBS)

Chicago Police Expand Bike Patrols Citywide

Hundreds of fancy new bicycles equipped with sirens and lights are on the streets of Chicago today.


A swimming pool. (Credit: CBS)

How Clean Is The Water In Your Pool?

The Centers for Disease Control says reports of illnesses associated with swimming are increasing. CBS 2’s Marissa Bailey has details on what to watch out for.




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