Mason Johnson

321 Mason JohnsonMason Johnson was born in Chicago and is a Web Content Producer.

Graduating from Columbia College Chicago with a degree in Creative Writing, Mason pens opinion pieces and helps manage the “Best Of” content.

Mason also manages the content for the classic-hits radio station, 104.3 K-HITS.

Mason tweets, though not sensibly.

Chicago Protesters Prepare To Moon Trump Tower

To protest the President not releasing his taxes, protesters will drop pants and point their buttocks at Trump Tower.


OPINION: A Retail Casualty Of The ‘War On Christmas’-‘Happy Holidays’ Conflict

“When I started saying “Happy Holidays” to customers at the toy store I worked at, I never expected the negative reaction I got.”


‘Cards Against Humanity’ Helps Humanity With College Scholarships For Women In Science And Math

The politically incorrect party game is addressing the underrepresentation of women in science, technology, engineering and math.


WBEZ Twitter Account Suffers NSFW Hack

A post featuring a photo of a buttocks with a shady shortlink appeared around 12:45 p.m.


Opinion: Illinois Sinks Into The Abyss, Politicians Abandon Ship And The State’s Most Vulnerable Drown

Illinois’s entire social services landscape is sinking, pulled under by the weight of the state’s budget quarrel. Thousands are suffering.


Services For Sexual Assault Survivors, At-Risk Teens Suffer As Illinois Budget Impasse Lingers

“The people who are most vulnerable are paying the price.”


RANT: I’m Sorry, ‘Star Wars Day’ Is Dumb

Holidays are about honoring someone other than yourself, not indulging in a brand produced by a giant corporation…


As More States Legislate Transgender Americans’ Bathroom Use, Illinois Eyes Its Own Bill

North Carolina’s bill shares some similarities with a bill proposed by Illinois legislators, but also many differences.


How Chicago’s Crime Rates Compare To The Rest Of America: Not Bad, But Not Great

Good news: Naperville, Illinois has some of the lowest rates in America.


Violent Crime In America Rose Slightly In 2015, According To Preliminary FBI Report

The report only contains data from January to June.


Opinion: The Disgusting, Dark Side Of Star Wars’ Materialism

Star Wars brings us comfort, yet its materialism can make us lonely…


Opinion: How Many People Actually Support Trump? Fewer Than You Think…

Trump’s supporters are a fraction of a fraction of a fraction of America. Let’s crunch the numbers!


Commentary: McCarthy’s Firing Doesn’t Even Begin To Fix Chicago’s Problems

Change won’t come from the the Mayor’s Office. Change will come from Chicago’s citizens, and the Mayor will be lucky if he’s allowed to help.


Opinion: Decades Of Complaints Against Chicago Cops Are On The Verge Of Being Destroyed

The city and the police union are duking it out in court over decades of police complaint data…


Data: Chicago Cops Face Many Misconduct Allegations, But Are Rarely Disciplined

Tens of thousands of complaints have resulted in few disciplinary actions against the many Chicago police officers being accused of misconduct…


According To FBI Statistics, Chicago Lags Behind National Murder Decreases

While Chicago’s murder totals have seen small declines, robberies and aggravated assaults have gone down at a faster rate than the nation as a whole.


The Chicago Restaurants That Failed Health Inspections In 2015

Chicago has had thousands of restaurants fail health inspections this year. How worried should this make you? Not very, actually.


FBI’s Violent Crime Statistics For Every City In America

The FBI’s violent crime report is not a ranking — there are no winners, no losers. Mostly, these statistics are here to help individual cities track their crime over long periods of time…


Six Flags St. Louis Renames Roller Coaster After Cubs Thanks To Twitter Bet

Photographic proof that the Twitter account for Six Flags St. Louis keeps its word when it loses a bet…

CBS Chicago–10/16/2015

FBI’s New Rape Definition Leads To A More Comprehensive Look At Chicago Crime

After years of partially unreported violent crime statistics in the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report, Chicago’s numerical quirks have finally been hammered out…



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