Matt Spiegel

spiegs Matt SpiegelFor the last decade, Matt Spiegel has been a nationally syndicated talk show host on Sporting News Radio Network, hosting The Matt Spiegel Show. The show, a platform for his immense knowledge of sports history, as well as his uniquely entertaining perspective, was heard on more than 100 affiliates and on XM satellite radio.

Some of the highlights of his time at Sporting News:

•Hosting pre-game coverage for every NFL Sunday in 2007 and 2008.
•Hosting the pre-game and post-game coverage for Super Bowl XLII
•Broadcasting live from radio row all week in Phoenix for the Super Bowl between the Giants and Patriots in 2008.
•Anchoring the network’s live coverage of Baseball’s steroids hearings in Congress.
•Reporting live from The 2005 World Series at Chicago’s U.S. Cellular Field.
•Writing and voicing The Year in Review, a much heralded annual feature.
•Writing columns for Sporting News magazine, and for

For 7 years before joining Sporting News Radio, Matt was a host, producer, and reporter for WSCR-The Score, in Chicago. While there, he had a chance to cover Mike Ditka’s final days with the Bears, and the entire second three-peat for Michael Jordan’s great Chicago Bulls teams.

Matt’s first job in sports media was as an intern for Major League Baseball Productions, where he worked on This Week in Baseball for Mel Allen’s final 2 years with the show. Matt fetched Mel coffee and lunch every Thursday for 2 summers. While matriculating at Emerson College in Boston, Matt won several sportscasting awards, and went to Fenway 30 times a season.

Through the years, Matt has interviewed the biggest names in the business, including Joe Torre, Manny Ramirez, David Stern, Charles Barkley, Bob Costas, Wayne Gretzky, and countless more. NFL stars and coaches Matt has interviewed live include Joe Montana, Deion Sanders, Mike Ditka, Marshall Faulk, Warren Sapp, Andy Reid, Donovan McNabb, Jeff Fisher, Michael Irvin, Emmit Smith, Dick Vermeil, Eric Dickerson, Warren Moon, and Tony Dungy.

Matt was the founding producer of Sound Opinions, the world’s only Rock and Roll talk show, hosted by Jim DeRogatis of the Sun Times and Greg Kot of the Tribune. He produced their 2 years of television on WTTW-11 as well. Matt also was a DJ at WXRT-FM.

Matt is the founder and lead singer of Tributosaurus, one of Chicago’s hottest musical acts, becoming a different band every month at Martyrs’ on the north side since 2002. His singing talents have been heard on numerous commercial jingles through the years, including Feldco, several car dealerships & casinos.

Marlon Byrd

Spiegel: The Lineup Hole At 3rd

Amidst all the talk about Starlin Castro, and where he should hit in the lineup, the sad truth about the Cubs lineup becomes clear.

670 The Score–04/04/2011

Will Ohman

Spiegel: Don’t Overuse The Loogy

Despite what the early results have been, the fact remains that the White Sox bullpen is an embarrassment of riches.

670 The Score–04/04/2011

Carlos Zambrano

Spiegel: Hope & Reason Both Like Big Z

Springtime brings the annual battle between a baseball fan’s heart, and his head. Hope tries, often successfully, to defeat reason as possibilities are envisioned.

670 The Score–03/23/2011

Mike Quade

Spiegel: Mike Quade’s Risky Play

Mike Quade’s reaction to the spring training dugout scuffle has incensed many. The Cub haters have seized upon it, and many defeatist Cubs fans, expecting a sign that the status quo of losing will reign, have shaken their head in disappointment.

670 The Score–03/03/2011

Lombardi Trophy

Spiegel: Super Bowl XLV Living Room Over/Unders Results

Some surprising, some right about where we set the line.

670 The Score–02/07/2011

The Mirage Sports Book

Spiegel: Your SB XLV Living Room Over/Uunders

For you perhaps, or for the casual fan, or for your guests, we offer further levels of couch enjoyment. The guest who gets the most of the following prop bets correct should win something…you decide what.

670 The Score–02/04/2011

Jay Cutler

Spiegel: Doubt’s Perfect Storm

I fell prey to it. My inner meatball reared its ugly head as I watched Todd Collins replace Jay Cutler on Sunday.

670 The Score–01/24/2011

Ultimate Meatball

Spiegel: Presenting The Ultimate Meatball

I love when the true, fearless, exhibitionist meatballs dress for their moment in the sun.

670 The Score–01/20/2011

Andrew Luck

Spiegel: Andrew Luck Haters, Please Get Over Yourselves

I sat around after the show at a computer in the office as I often do, taking care of odds and ends. Took care of some business, some personal, emails and such; printing a few things, whatever.

670 The Score–01/06/2011

Jack Morris

Spiegel: Developing Your Hall Of Fame Instinct

Baseball Hall of Fame decisions have to be a well educated instinct. Voters, and fans who enjoy the debate, need to inform themselves as best they can, and then simply trust their gut.

670 The Score–01/05/2011

Kerry Wood

Spiegel: Kid K, Take 2, At 33

Maybe you’ve heard talk of, or even share, my standard reaction to Cubs maneuvers these days. The shrug. No matter the player acquired, I just can’t seem to divorce myself from broader feelings about the roster, and the man left in charge of the baseball decisions. Carlos Pena at 5 mil, with 5 mil deferred? Solid move. But where’s this club going next season?

670 The Score–12/16/2010


Spiegel: Best Rotation Of Our Lifetimes?

Cliff Lee has turned down money to join what is the best starting pitching staff, on paper, I have ever seen. We’re not sure exactly how much he turned away…initial reports of 54 million dollars were a bit high.

670 The Score–12/14/2010

Josh Hamilton

Spiegel: Well, We’ve Waited. Autumn Joy Finally Arrives

I hope the hotel reservations are as organized as can be, since that’s the bullcrap reason Bud Selig has provided as to why the World Series is starting on October 27th. But here it finally is, and I stand up and salute the matchup in front of us.

670 The Score–10/27/2010

Miek Quade

Spiegel: Quade Deserves It, But Cubs Fans Deserve Better

By Matt Spiegel– There’s very little intrinsically wrong with the Mike Quade hiring.  He’s certainly qualified and deserving of the opportunity, and did a fine job in his interim role.  It’s probably true that anyone, […]

670 The Score–10/19/2010

Miek Quade

Spiegel: Perhaps The Worst Cubs Idea Of All Time

The Ryne Sandberg as bench coach idea, under Mike Quade as manager, would be the dumbest in an impressive line of bad Cubs maneuvers.  Will Carroll of reported this as a possibility from a […]

670 The Score–10/15/2010

Lance Briggs (Photo Credit: Getty)

Spiegel: Simple Bears Epiphany

I keep finding myself re-assessing the Bears, considering the seemingly essential question of the moment: Are they any good? This morning brought a simple epiphany. Relative to the league, they’re pretty good, and there’s no […]

670 The Score–10/12/2010