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Matt Spiegel is the co-host of the “Spiegel and Parkins Show” on middays from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. on 670 The Score. The show launched in January 2017 when Danny Parkins joined 670. Previously, Spiegel was the co-host of the “Spiegel and Goff Show” alongside Jason Goff.

Prior to his time at The Score, Spiegel was been a nationally syndicated talk show host on Sporting News Radio Network, hosting The Matt Spiegel Show. The show, a platform for his immense knowledge of sports history as well as his uniquely entertaining perspective, was heard on more than 100 affiliates and on XM satellite radio.

Some of the highlights of his time at the Sporting News:

•Hosting pregame coverage for every NFL Sunday in 2007 and 2008
•Hosting the pregame and postgame coverage for Super Bowl XLII
•Broadcasting live from radio row all week in Phoenix for the Super Bowl between the Giants and Patriots in 2008
•Anchoring the network’s live coverage of baseball’s steroids hearings in Congress
•Reporting live from the 2005 World Series at Chicago’s U.S. Cellular Field
•Writing and voicing The Year in Review, a much heralded annual feature
•Writing columns for Sporting News magazine and for

For seven years before joining Sporting News Radio, Matt was a host, producer, and reporter for The Score. While in that position, he had a chance to cover Mike Ditka’s final days with the Bears and the entire second three-peat for Michael Jordan’s great Chicago Bulls teams.

Spiegel’s first job in sports media was as an intern for Major League Baseball Productions, where he worked on This Week in Baseball for Mel Allen’s final two years with the show. Spiegel fetched Mel coffee and lunch every Thursday for two summers. While matriculating at Emerson College in Boston, Spiegel won several sportscasting awards and went to Fenway Park 30 times a season.

Through the years, Spiegel has interviewed some of the biggest names in the business, including Joe Torre, Manny Ramirez, David Stern, Charles Barkley, Bob Costas, Wayne Gretzky and countless more. NFL stars and coaches Spiegel has interviewed live include Joe Montana, Deion Sanders, Ditka, Marshall Faulk, Warren Sapp, Andy Reid, Donovan McNabb, Jeff Fisher, Michael Irvin, Emmit Smith, Dick Vermeil, Eric Dickerson, Warren Moon and Tony Dungy.

Spiegel was the founding producer of Sound Opinions, a rock-and-roll talk show, hosted by Jim DeRogatis of the Sun-Times and Greg Kot of the Tribune. He produced their two years of television on WTTW-11 as well. Spiegel was also a DJ at WXRT-FM.

Spiegel is the founder and lead singer of Tributosaurus, one of Chicago’s hottest musical acts. His singing talents have been heard on numerous commercial jingles through the years, including for Feldco, several car dealerships and casinos.

Spiegel: Zambrano’s Exit Is Fans’ Opportunity

After innumerable other moments in recent years when you’d think, and perhaps you openly hoped, an exit for the most confounding ballplayer in town was forthcoming, it finally goes down like this.

CBS Chicago–01/05/2012

Don Cooper and Jake Peavy

Spiegel: Cowley Stirs The Pot Again

The GM got off the wire, helped the manager load up the canon for one final shot down to Florida, and tried his best to take down the big top once and for all.

CBS Chicago–12/14/2011

The Dockett; McNeil & Spiegel 12/14/11

Today, we’re packed with goodness. 10 AM, Mike Florio from 10:40, Greg Anthony from TNT and Turner Sports on NBA free agency and Bulls’ issues. 11 AM, Ben “Softy” Maller, Seattle’s best talk show host and our guy, on Seahawks week, and an executive he knows well, possible Jerry Angelo successor Tim Ruskell. 11:40, […]

670 The Score–12/14/2011

Kenny Williams

Spiegel: Simultaneous 3-Sport Deal Making

Ugly Lockouts have yielded some beautiful gifts.

670 The Score–12/06/2011

The Docket: Cutler Angles Today On McNeil And Spiegel

Gonna need a lot of Spitka for that thumb. Nightly treatments seems appropriate.

670 The Score–11/21/2011

Spiegel: Penn State’s Impossibly Slow Culture Change

The Penn State Board of Trustees did what they had to do, and deserve kudos for their first act of decisive power. But they did not do enough.

670 The Score–11/10/2011

The Docket: McNeil And Spiegel, 11/9/11

Spiegs read the entire grand jury testimony, just to check and make sure there was no misguided rage. There isn’t. The questions that demand answers are obvious there, and latest reports have the victim total rising to the 20’s.

670 The Score–11/09/2011

Spiegel: Hoyer’s Day and the Cubs’ New Way

There were a ton of excellent signs about the new Cubs regime on Wednesday, starting with this: Theo Epstein was front and center at the baseball table, with Tom Ricketts towards the back of the room. Ownership can now be supportive, perhaps even vocal behind the scenes, but not visible. No longer does Ricketts the […]

670 The Score–11/02/2011

Spiegel: Ken Williams’ Shock And Awe

By Matt Spiegel- (CBS) Kenny Williams thinks he’s smarter than you. My first thought upon hearing the news that Robin Ventura was the surprise hire as White Sox manager was of A.J. Hinch. Diamondbacks GM Josh Byrnes gave Hinch the manager’s job in May of 2009, despite Hinch never having coached or managed on any […]

670 The Score–10/07/2011

Spiegel: Cubs Fans’ Theo Freakout Is Warranted

Remember when I told Cubs fans that they should be rooting hard for a Red Sox collapse? They got their wish.

670 The Score–10/03/2011

McNeil and Spiegel 9/30/11: The Docket

Friday, game on. It’s a great day in baseball, and we’ll preview some playoffs, reflect on Wednesday’s awesomeness, and see whop we, and you, are might be choosing to root for this month. Terry Francona is out in Boston. Theo Epstein said all the right things yesterday,& he’ll try to keep his hands clean today. […]

670 The Score–09/30/2011

Spiegel: Ozzie’s Final Night

Stepping into U.S. Cellular Field in the fourth inning or so, on the night news broke that a man was managing his final game, was downright creepy.

670 The Score–09/27/2011

McNeil & Spiegel, 9/26. The Worst Bears Monday Ever.

God, that sucked. A 10 point loss that felt like a 30 point blowout. Now it’s rainy and dreary. People are grumpy around here. There is no Church’s Victory Chicken on the horizon. We’ll dissect the ugliness, commiserate with you about the talent level, the coaching, the execution, and the Packers being where they are […]

670 The Score–09/26/2011

McNeil & Spiegel 9/22/11: The Docket

Thursday of Bears-Packers week, and we react to a lot of coach speak from Halas Hall yesterday. Daryl Drake is morphing into Ed Farmer. We’ll explain. Guests: Packers PBP man Wayne Larrivee @ 9:40. CSN Chicago’s Moon Mullin at 10. Fox Sports PR man Dan Bell at 11 to explain Cutler headlines and more. And […]

670 The Score–09/22/2011

McNeil & Spiegel today: The Docket, 9/21/11

Wednesday; we Turn The Page at 9:30, setting up the weekend’s football games that enter our minds as last week fades tot he background. Transition with Hub and Hanley at 9: Matt Hasselbeck’s Bears-Pack decision from ’98, Martz and balance, and who knows what else. Guests: Mike Florio at 10, on all the NFL happenings […]

670 The Score–09/21/2011

Tom Ricketts

Spiegel: State Of The Cubs Search

The Red Sox model, as cited by Tom Ricketts himself on the very day he stood beside the podium addressing the fans for the first time, is not being followed.

670 The Score–09/15/2011

McNeil & Spiegel: The Docket, 8/24

The White Sox are baseball sadists. That was painful for anyone who stayed up late to take it in; invested hours of attention and emotions only to feel violated. If you had any doubts, they’re probably gone. The Sox are dead. Mac started our morning meeting ready to talk off-season. Some of what we’ll get […]

670 The Score–08/24/2011

Mac & Spiegs: Over/Unders 8/12

-Matt Spiegel (WSCR) We’ll post weekly on Fridays, and post results Mondays. Nick Shepkowski is the man. (@shep670 on Twitter) Over/Unders for the Chicago Sports Weekend: Bears vs. Bills: 7 PM on Saturday at Soldier Field Jay Cutler Total Plays – 8.5 8 plays in 2010 preseason opener vs. San Diego Two pass attempts for […]

670 The Score–08/12/2011

Spiegel: Cubs Fans, Wish I Could Join You

What Tom Ricketts told his papa to convince him of the viability of the business model at Clark & Addison is being proven true, yet again.

670 The Score–08/11/2011

McNeil & Spiegel Today At Rookies In Elgin: The Docket

Guests: Mike Florio from Pro Football Talk will join us, plus Jay Hilgenberg on the O line, Laurence Holmes live from Bears camp, and of course that hour with Stoney.

670 The Score–08/03/2011



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