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  1. mike says:

    Kung fu meatpants

  2. MIke Sieving says:

    Matt, Last week you guys had a bit about guys who stayed too long. I love BB King and have seen him several times. This spring he was in Springfield, it was a disappointing because the band was clearly covering for him and it was a bit sad.However Buddy Guy was in Springfild last night and was fantastic. I have seen Buddy several times at his club in chicago and the man is always fantastic’ He inspires me to play my guitars but I am Todd Collins compared to Buddy Guy. Thanks Mike Sieving Jacksonville Illinois

  3. Mike Scott says:

    Hey Matt, listen to all you guys whenever I can. I just caught the end of this comment this morning, you said something about a book called ” Saving the Pitcher”. I looked for it on Amazon, no luck. My 20yr old son, college pitcher, just had “Tommy John” 5 weeks ago, what an ordeal! Do have any more info on this or who the author is?
    Thanks for the help, Mike

  4. Cameltoe Rancher says:


    Stop ruining the TWIB theme with your cr@ppy singing.

  5. Jim Koptik says:

    Just listened to Roy Williams piece. He sounds like a head case. Looks like Martz has made him the de facto receiver in his system. Sure that won’t feed the guy’s ego. More genius thinking from Halas Hall.

  6. Jakes says:

    PorkiesPigRoast.com. None one in the state of Illinois does roasts like we do.

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