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  1. Brian In Kentucky says:

    Suspensions on viscous hits only go so far. Make the Pro’s serve community service, and while suspended go to High, Middle, and College schools to teach why they are suspended and what not to do. I volunteered to coach my son’s pee wee team (6 year olds) to make sure he and his friends learn proper technique. Better to stop bad technique when kids are young before it becomes a bad habit. Love the show boys, listen online everyday

  2. Ed Costello says:

    Do you think Penn State waited for Joe to get his tie breaking victory for most collage v8ctories before before letting the scandal breakout, if so they should take his last 2 away.

  3. Dan Barus says:


    I have finally come to the conclusion that I have been all wrong with regard to the protest during the NFL games this season. The protesters are showing how much they want God back in their lives by kneeling and praying for God to come back into their lives after be missing for the last eight years. They are really saying they want God back in the Pledge of Allegiance and that the National Anthem really stands for God and Country.

    We always kneel when we pray and in Church and show Our God the ultimate respect by kneeling to honor him. There is no better way to show respect for our true principals then to kneel and honor the values we hold true. So what we really need to do is to make sure that by kneeling, the NFL players are really showing the truest respect for the Flag and our country. NFL players thank you very much showing such great respect for the our Great Flag and country. I bet you thought you were really showing disrespect. Keep kneeling for God and Our Great Flag.

    Danimal Tinley Park

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