Nick Shepkowski

Nick Shepkowski

Nick Shepkowski

Nick Shepkowski is the executive producer of the “Bernstein and Goff Show” on 670 The Score on weekdays from 1-6 p.m. He previously was the associate producer of the “Spiegel and Goff Show” on middays, leading the “research and development” part of the show. A fan of all four major sports, Nick follows the NFL, MLB, and college football closest and enjoys sharing his thoughts and research on all. You can follow him on Twitter @Shep670.

Shepkowski: An Apology On Behalf Of Illinois On Halloween

There’s no excuse to give out Almond Joy as your Halloween candy.

CBS Chicago–10/31/2017

Shepkowski: Budding Of A New Cubs-Brewers Rivalry?

Life has been breathed into this matchup, with the Cubs and Brewers sharing some hard feelings now.

CBS Chicago–05/22/2017

Shepkowski: Baseball’s Poetic Justice On A February Tuesday

MLB is doing away with the traditional form of the intentional walk. And there goes some charming randomness.

CBS Chicago–02/22/2017

Shepkowski: Thoughts Looking Back, Ahead In Cubs-Dodgers

The series is 1-1, but the Cubs remain in a good position.

CBS Chicago–10/17/2016

Shepkowski: Thank You To Vin Scully, Baseball’s Greatest Storyteller

Scully had a way of making every player, at-bat or moment feel special.

CBS Chicago–09/22/2016

Shepkowski: Predicting The Cubs’ Playoff Rotation

The Cubs have the benefit of setting up their playoff rotation, so what order should it go in? There’s are quality options.

CBS Chicago–08/30/2016

Shepkowski: Ken Griffey Jr. Was The ’90s

As Griffey gets inducted into the Hall of Fame this weekend, he carries the memories of a backward cap-wearing generation with him.

CBS Chicago–07/22/2016

Shepkowski: Starlin Castro Is That Ex

You know you’re better off without Castro, just like he’s probably better off not being with you.

CBS Chicago–04/07/2016

Shepkowski: Wind Of Change Blowing In Wrigleyville

The “Lovable Losers” tag is gone. Now, the Cubs can hope dislike comes their way in the form of sustained winning.

CBS Chicago–04/01/2016

Shepkowski: A Chris Sale Trade? Return Would Have To Be Astronomical

Given Sale’s talent and bargain contract, a haul of young talent would be needed for the White Sox to make a deal.

CBS Chicago–03/21/2016

Shepkowski: The Case For Moving Russell Up, Fowler Down In Cubs’ Order

Dexter Fowler struggled in his third plate appearances against starting pitchers in 2015.

CBS Chicago–03/10/2016

Shepkowski: 1990s Indians Inform Us Of How Young Cubs Sluggers Could Progress

Like those Indians had, these Cubs have bright futures ahead, and the eye test and history tell us they could be special.

CBS Chicago–03/01/2016

Shepkowski: We Need A Villainous Nick Saban-Urban Meyer National Title Showdown

No one would know who to root for if Saban and Meyer ever meet in a national title.

CBS Chicago–01/12/2016

Shepkowski: White Sox Now Upgraded Significantly At 2B, 3B

With the additions of Brett Lawrie and Todd Frazier, the White Sox go from awful to above-average at second and third.

CBS Chicago–12/16/2015

Shepkowski: Jake Arrieta Is The 2015 Chicago Sportsperson Of The Year

Arrieta had a historic season that we may never see in this city again.

CBS Chicago–12/16/2015

Shepkowski: Don’t Forget About Albert Almora

The Cubs may be chasing Jason Heyward now with the idea of using him in center and then transitioning him to right field.

CBS Chicago–12/08/2015

Shepkowski: Best Night In Baseball History Aided The Cubs

The crazy events of Sept. 28, 2011, helped push Theo Epstein to Chicago.

CBS Chicago–09/28/2015

Shepkowski: My Favorite 2015 NFL Prop Bets

Need some extra cash? Believe in the Ravens and expect the Titans to be supremely awful.

CBS Chicago–09/10/2015

Shepkowski: Jon Lester’s Been What The Cubs Have Needed Him To Be

Jon Lester’s isn’t always throwing like a $155-million man, but he’s a huge reason the Cubs are in contention.

CBS Chicago–08/20/2015

Shepkowski: Explaining Jeff Samardzija’s Struggles

Samardzija’s fastball has regressed, and his slider is no longer a reliable weapon.

CBS Chicago–06/08/2015


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