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miller250 Steve MillerSteve Miller is an investigative reporter and has been with Newsradio for more than two decades. He grew up in South Texas and received his undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts at the University of Texas in Austin. After graduation, he moved to Washington D.C. to work as a research assistant for former Senator Lloyd Bentsen (D-TX). After two years, Steve changed courses and enrolled in the highly-respected journalism program at the University of Missouri and received a graduate degree before coming to Chicago.

He began investigative reporting by accident after curiosity sparked his first of many pieces. After he found out about a local cemetery that is commonly the burial spot for people with no family or resources, he gained access to public records and shed light on the deceased’s past. He found that veterans were being buried without due honors and then contacted an Illinois congressman, who launched a nationwide investigation which found that thousands of vets were being wrongfully buried in indigent plots around the country. Due to his investigation, protocol was changed and since then, an increasing number of service members have been buried with honors.

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Steve likes this type of reporting because it is challenging and makes a difference to Newsradio listeners.

“I enjoy telling people about something they don’t know. It’s really exciting to put something in perspective – to get people to see things in a different way,” he said.

When Steve is not covering a breaking news story or hunting down a lead for an assignment, the Texas native can be found jogging around his Ravenswood neighborhood, swimming, reading, playing Sudoku or spending time with his life partner.

Trump’s Renoir Is ‘Not An Original,’ Says Former Art Institute Curator

Former curator of European painting Richard Brettell said the president’s painting definitely is not authentic.


Suburb’s Opioid Crackdown Nets 14 Arrests

Braidwood’s death rate from opioids was so high over the past few years compared to the rest of Will County that authorities thought it was time to take some action. 


Folk Music Group Kacy and Clayton’s Truck, Gear Stolen In Wicker Park

“In the truck? Pretty much everything that a band would have,” Clayton Linthicum said.


Memphis Man Who Fell To His Death At Hotel Identified

Eric Paul Janssen of Memphis, Tenn. was the 44-year-old man who fell to his death from a downtown Chicago hotel earlier this week in an apparent accident.


Lottery Players Favor Unholy Digits On Friday The 13th

Last Friday, the Illinois Lottery had to stop selling a certain number combination for its Pick Three game. WBBM’s Steve Miller explains.


Bill Murray Reception Ends In Tears For Some Fans; ‘He’s Acting Like A Jerk, But He’s Our Jerk’

Some fans of actor Bill Murray shelled out $150 for a meet-and-greet, but at least one woman left in tears because of his reported behavior.


Aldermen Call On Cubs, Sox To Exceed MLB Safety Netting Requirements

Ald. Tom Tunney (44th), whose ward includes Wrigley Field, said he supports more netting at ballparks, but he raised liability concerns.

CBS Chicago–10/10/2017

Alderman Wants Safety Netting At Both Chicago Ballparks To Exceed Standards

The Cubs have already said they plan to extend safety netting at least 30 feet. The White Sox have yet to comment on their plans.


Cremated Remains, Cremains

Mystery Solved: Coroner Reunites Urn, Ashes With Family

Two weeks ago, WBBM told you about an urn and cremated remains that had been found near a bike path in Hammond. Reporter Steve Miller has this follow-up.


Vigil For Park Forest Girl Murdered in 1984

Two-and-a-half years ago, the man who was convicted of the murder, Christopher Abernathy, was freed after 29 years in prison after DNA evidence exonerated him.


Glen Ellyn Church Holds Vigil For Las Vegas

“It’s hard to keep hope alive. But we do it for each other,” says Seth Carey, senior pastor at First Congregational Church.


Guns: No Clear Consensus

WBBM Newsradio asked Chicagoans whether they think stricter gun control laws would make a difference.


Movie Theater Massacre Victim’s Mom: ‘I Don’t Want To See It Happen Again’

A woman whose son was killed in the 2012 movie theater massacre said the media should think twice about publishing the names of mass killers


Chicago Business Owner May Close Shop Over New Utility Pole

“It’s on the wrong side of the curb. We’re now shut down. Today, I’m going to send 120 employees home,” said company owner Robert Albert.


Mom Hopes Son’s Struggles With Growth Convince Others To Ask Questions

“My son was 5 and my daughter was 3. She was actually 3-and-a-half inches taller than him,” Mary Andrews said.


Gun Industry Group Supports Crackdown On Straw Purchases

The public awareness campaign is called “Don’t Lie for the Other Guy.”


Uptown ‘Tent City’ Will Be Evicted

A judge has declined to step in and shield several dozen homeless persons in tents under Lake Shore Drive, who are in the way of road work.


United Airlines Won’t Be Fined For Dragging David Dao Off Flight At O’Hare

The federal government has told the airline that, despite certain “failures” that day, it was off the hook, and wouldn’t have to pay a fine.


Girl, 12, Raped In Van: Police

Police say the victim was attacked late Thursday in the Back of the Yards neighborhood.


Man Lost Everything Twice, To Harvey And Katrina; ‘I Get Back Up’

Two devastating storms have landed on Darrin Rankin’s doorstep in 12 years. “Why is God doing this to me? I’m a good man,” Rankin said.



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