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miller250 Steve MillerSteve Miller is an investigative reporter and has been with Newsradio for more than two decades. He grew up in South Texas and received his undergraduate degree in Liberal Arts at the University of Texas in Austin. After graduation, he moved to Washington D.C. to work as a research assistant for former Senator Lloyd Bentsen (D-TX). After two years, Steve changed courses and enrolled in the highly-respected journalism program at the University of Missouri and received a graduate degree before coming to Chicago.

He began investigative reporting by accident after curiosity sparked his first of many pieces. After he found out about a local cemetery that is commonly the burial spot for people with no family or resources, he gained access to public records and shed light on the deceased’s past. He found that veterans were being buried without due honors and then contacted an Illinois congressman, who launched a nationwide investigation which found that thousands of vets were being wrongfully buried in indigent plots around the country. Due to his investigation, protocol was changed and since then, an increasing number of service members have been buried with honors.

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Steve likes this type of reporting because it is challenging and makes a difference to Newsradio listeners.

“I enjoy telling people about something they don’t know. It’s really exciting to put something in perspective – to get people to see things in a different way,” he said.

When Steve is not covering a breaking news story or hunting down a lead for an assignment, the Texas native can be found jogging around his Ravenswood neighborhood, swimming, reading, playing Sudoku or spending time with his life partner.

Animals Chillaxing At Lincoln Park Zoo

Winter for a lot of animals is a time to see and be seen. WBBM’s Steve Miller reports.


Amid Cold Snap, Some CHA Residents Are Boiling

Something’s a little off at the Judge Slater Senior Apartments. It’s so warm in some rooms, residents are opening windows. WBBM’s Steve Miller reports.


Former Inmate Getting Used To Currency, iPhones, Driving

Nevest Coleman, whose conviction was vacated after 23 years in prison, is celebrating Christmas — and his new freedom.


Atop Expressway, A Woman Expresses Her Opinions

What’s the story with that woman on a pedestrian overpass north of Foster and what’s with all her signs?


Four Charged After Basketball Brawl In Griffith, Ind.

Those facing misdemeanor charges include a Hammond High School basketball coach.

670 The Score–12/20/2017

Veterans Are Camping Outside To Help Their Homeless Comrades

These veterans who have homes are showing their support for their comrades who do not.


Development In Woodstock Woman’s Disappearance? Remains Found

Human remains have been found near the Southern Illinois community where Beth Bentley, 41, disappeared in 2010. WBBM’s Steve Miller reports.


Dozens Rally Downtown For Health Care Program

Doctors, med students, health professionals all spoke about the importance of funding the Children’s Health Insurance Program – or CHIP.


Fire Department Historian Passes Away At 84

Retired Senior Fire Alarm Operator Kenneth Little helped produce four volumes of the history of Chicago firehouses. WBBM’s Steve Miller reports.


Daughter Rebukes Hit-And-Run Driver: ‘You Disgrace Of A Human Being’

The daughter of a west suburban woman has posted a message on Facebook excoriating the hit-and-run driver who injured her mother Thursday night in the parking lot of an Aurora hospital.


Horses Saved During Barn Fire

Firefighters found a passerby inside the burning barn – trying to get the horses out. WBBM’s Steve Miller reports.


John Doe Mystery: Identification Eludes 2 Illinois Men

Two adult men who are wards of the state could have better futures if their real names can be determined. WBBM’s Steve Miller has this final segment in a four-part series.


Act Of Kindness Grows From Tree Theft

Twenty years ago, Douglas Mappin and his son planted a tree in their yard in South Bend, Indiana.


Chicago Couple Waits — And Waits — For Driver’s Licenses

They moved into a first-floor apartment in Lakeview and dutifully tried to change the address on their driver’s licenses. That was on Nov. 2.


John Doe Mystery: For Now, He Goes By The Name Robert

Robert Rockefeller is one of two unusual wards of Illinois: men who don’t know who they are, even after years of searching. WBBM’s Steve Miller continues his series of reports.


John Doe Mystery: Mugshots Are Man’s Only Piece Of The Past

Shannon Night does not recognize the photos of himself taken almost 20 years ago. WBBM’s Steve Miller reports.


John Doe Mystery: 2 Men Found, But Missing Their Identities

WBBM’s Steve Miller has the first in a series of reports on these unidentified wards — or John Doe’s — of Illinois.


FBI: Hackers Lurk During The Holidays

The FBI’s Chicago office are warning consumers as Black Friday and Cyber Monday draw near.


Missing: Chicago Mom, Her 3 Kids

Annita Roberts and her three children — ages 4, 3 and almost 2 — have been missing since Sept. 25.


Boy, 2, Fatally Beaten: Police

Police say 21-year-old Alexandra Hoyle slammed the boy’s head into the hardwood floor of a home in DeKalb.




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