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Tim Baffoe attended the University of Iowa before earning his degree from Governors State University and began blogging at 670thescore.com after winning the 2011 Pepsi Max Score Search. He enjoys writing things about stuff, but not so much stuff about things. When not writing for 670TheScore.com, Tim corrupts America’s youth as a high school English teacher and provides a great service to his South Side community delivering pizzas (please tip him and his colleagues well). You can follow Tim on Twitter @TimBaffoe, but please don’t follow him in real life. He grew up in Chicago’s Beverly neighborhood and currently lives in Mt. Greenwood.

Baffoe: Forgive Me For Not Worrying About The Blackhawks’ New Salary Cap Issue

Forget about future problems. The Blackhawks just retained an elite player.

CBS Chicago–12/29/2016

Baffoe: ‘The Chicago Cubs Won The World Series’ & The Awfulness Of 2016

One of the greatest stories in sports history unfolded against the backdrop of an unexpected, too-often tragic and sad 2016.

CBS Chicago–12/27/2016

Baffoe: The Arguments Against Players Skipping College Bowls Are Bad

Football loyalists are beginning to see unpaid labor become further weaponized, and it terrifies them.

CBS Chicago–12/21/2016

Baffoe: Matt Barkley Is Fine, But Be Careful

We’ve seen this Bears Backup QB Experience movie before and know how it goes.

CBS Chicago–12/19/2016

Baffoe: Minnesota Golden Gopher Protest Is Ironic, Not Righteous

These Minnesota Golden Gopher players aren’t heroes for boycotting on behalf of football over alleged sexual assault.

670 The Score–12/16/2016

Baffoe: MLB Banning Misogynistic Hazing Is Decent, Logical

Accommodating the sensitivities of marginalized groups isn’t wussifying America.

CBS Chicago–12/14/2016

Baffoe: Oh, Hi, Tom Thibodeau

You look really tired for December, Thibs.

CBS Chicago–12/13/2016

Baffoe: This Is That Cubs ‘Sustained Success’ Thing

Now comes the getting used to every offseason and trade deadline involving the Cubs paying up for established talent to fine tune the rest of the roster.

CBS Chicago–12/08/2016

Baffoe: White Sox Had To Trade Chris Sale To Get Happy

That new feeling you have about the White Sox? The reassuring feeling of there being a plan — a process — in place.

CBS Chicago–12/07/2016

Baffoe: Bud Selig’s Hall Of Fame Election Highlights A Double Standard

You can’t reward the kingpin and in good faith shut out the dutiful players who did the legwork of hitting all those dingers in the steroid era.

CBS Chicago–12/05/2016

Baffoe: Hey Bears, Please Lose To The 49ers

The shininess of the on-field product isn’t the issue in Chicago anymore, but this game is crazy important.

CBS Chicago–12/01/2016

Baffoe: White Sox Tilting At Windmills Is Unfortunate

The White Sox continue to get in their own way, when there’s no need or end game in doing so.

CBS Chicago–11/30/2016

Baffoe: Penn State Is Remarkable But Not Redeeming

Penn State is unique in that there is no amount of football good that can ever negate or move on from the horrible enabled by football.

CBS Chicago–11/28/2016

Baffoe: Why Is Brian Kelly Still Notre Dame’s Head Coach?

On top of bigger black marks under his tenure, Kelly’s Notre Dame program is now facing NCAA violations for academic misconduct.

670 The Score–11/22/2016

Baffoe: The Bears At Least Let Us Lie To Ourselves

When all seemed lost, the Bears responded with an actual football game.

CBS Chicago–11/21/2016

Baffoe: Assessing Donald Trump’s Future Sports Presidential Medal Of Freedom Nominees

There are some figures in the sporting world who have yet to be recognized with such a high honor.

CBS Chicago–11/17/2016

Baffoe: Really, Bears, We’re Not Mad — Just Continually Disappointed

The offense looks lost, the defense is just meh and the coaches can’t explain anything, game plan or inspire the players.

CBS Chicago–11/14/2016

Baffoe: If You Wanted Less Politically Vocal Sports Figures, Wrong Election

Sports are always political, and there’s no reason for athletes and coaches to #sticktosports.

CBS Chicago–11/10/2016

Baffoe: So The Bulls Are A Thing

The Bulls are relevant if not consistent, which is at least … something.

CBS Chicago–11/08/2016

Baffoe: Thank You, Cubs

It’s a new day. Cubs fans who kept the faith have been rewarded.

CBS Chicago–11/03/2016



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