Tony Gill

Tony — also known as “Tony Fish” — is a producer for the Laurence Holmes Show and Les Grobstein on overnights, and you’ll may find him helping out on the Mully and Hanley Show or the Boers and Bernstein Show once in a while too. He attended Robert Morris University and the Illinois Media School. Tony likes Chicago-style pizza, sneakers, cereal and baseball caps, while he dislikes long car rides, bad basketball and anything with chocolate and peanut butter together. His hobbies include getting buckets (in the real world or video game-wise), decoding messages in movie, thinking of ways to be endorsed by Krispy Kreme and serving as a producer for the D and Davis Show. His professional aspirations are to make a living talking about games with his friends for the rest of his life — and perhaps be a spokesperson for Krispy Kreme. Follow Tony on Twitter @tonygill670. And Roll Tide!

Tony Gill smaller photo

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