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  1. dfdsfds says:

    HAHAHA RONDO #1? Ahead of Paul, D-Will, Rose??

  2. Larry says:

    whoever wtote these predictions is a dumb ass!!

  3. Larry says:

    wrote…….. sorry.

  4. Scott42444 says:

    I think that Rose should be ahead of Nash, but as far as pure PG’s go, he hasn’t had the opportunity to show his true PG skills. Rondo has. I would love to see what Rondo looks like in 3 years when he isn’t surrounded by 4 Hall of Famers (Pierce, Garnett, Allen, and Shaq) in the starting lineup.

    It’s funny, if they were to put together a list of Top 10 guards I bet that D-Rose would be higher. It’s when you think of a PG you start to think of traditional PG skills. I know that doesn’t make complete sense, but that’s what happens. You start to think less about scoring and more about facilitating, which Rondo is currently the best at.

  5. D Rose Baby!! says:

    This order is horrible!!Rondo is no way ahead of Rose, D Will!!! Lets be real Rondo had a good playoff and a pretty good year last year and hes the best Please!!!! Right Now its Rose, D Will, Rondo, Paul, Nash and the rest fall in!!!
    Support Chicago Group Blk Reign as they support Derrick Rose Rise to the Top

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